First Shogun 2: Total War In-Game Screenshots

[email protected] - The first Shogun 2: Total War screenshots are available for your eyes only...

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Xof2929d ago

Just about the only thing I was looking forward to at E3. I would have liked to catch a glimpse of the strategy map, though. Particularly since that's been the weakest aspect of the past... three total war games or so.

Bolts2929d ago

Getting back to the era that started the series is great and all, but I would rather have Rome 2. The problem with the Shogun series is you can be Japanese and thats it.

Canary2929d ago

Have you played the first Shogun? It offered a far more immersive experience than any of the games that followed. You genuinely felt like a feudal warlord--like a ruler, not some arbitrary hand directing the actions of tiny ant-people.

From the looks of things, CA is looking to recapture that feeling: a very good thing, in my opinion.

Calm Down Sunshine2929d ago

Glad to see they've gone back to swords and shields.

bunfighterii2929d ago


Shogun was my favourite strategy game ever. I'll need to re-enter the PC gaming scene for this one and take a hiatus from PS3.

Anyone got suggestions as to an inexpensive rig? My current PC won't play much, the last game I had for it was Quake 3 and it struggled with that.

I was thinking a gaming laptop... gimmie some ideas? PM me if your the really helpful type...

Letros2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

MSI GX740, Asus G73JH are great laptops for the money(MSI GX640 lesser but great too), although you can build yourself a faster desktop for much cheaper and get a better gaming experience IMO, once you play with eyefinity, it's hard to ever go back(even to PS3 for me, haha).

On topic- wow, these screens look amazing, I was originally not sure about another Shogun, but after reading some previews and seeing these screens, I'm convinced. PC 2010/2011 has some absolutely killer titles, glad I'm not missing out.

bunfighterii2929d ago

Thanks for the input.

I'd go a desktop but for me its more a matter of space, I don't really have the room for a big desktop setup hence the laptop...

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