Driver: San Francisco Collector's Edition contains a replica Dodge Challenger

Ubisoft has announced details of a Collector's Edition of Driver: San Francisco, revealing that the limited edition package will include a miniature replica of Tanner's Dodge Challenger Hemi R/T Six Pack.

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jay22954d ago

According to the press release, the Collector's Edition content is limited to PAL territories only. Sorry, North American folk.

Yeah, we're being shown some love in Europe :D

MarcoGT2954d ago

I'm gonna have to get this, I'm a sucker for special editions and especially since this comes with a model car, the main thing I hope about this game is that it just has nice car physics which driver games usually have, it looks really good with proper sunshine that looks really bright.

Sir_Falcon2954d ago

See, thats what you should put in a collectors edition, not a code for an in game weapon or piece of armor that makes no difference to the game.