MS @ E3: Haven’t We Seen This All Before?

Play takes a look at Microsoft's E3 conference and ponders why it all felt a bit familiar

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Brewski0072870d ago

"New Crytek game cinematic – As seen in… nothing, but then the trailer showed nothing either, so basically it was a big bag of nothing."
I disagree with this, I thought that trailer looked sweet and showed a bit.
Apart from that I completely agree. It was lacking the "wow" factor and there was very little shock and awe, except at the end when free xbox's were given out and we were told the new version was shipping that day. Suddenly the audience came to life then. . . I wonder why lol.

commodore642870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

"...And if you’re wondering if we’ll be tearing the Sony conference to shreds in a similar fashion to this then the answer is… No, of course not. We’re PlayStation fanboys for crying out loud."

Well, that pretty much sums up the double standard of 90% of the comments on N4G, too.
Even if you disagree, it is still true.

edit @ brewski

dude, you got it backwards.
n4g is not a ps3 site.
It is a gaming site for all gamers, hence the irony and double standard.

My comment was not anything to do with the play-mag site.
No. It was simply an observation of the commentary on n4g.

deep breath, dude.

Brewski0072870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Lol i take it you own an xbox then. FYI I own both.
I dont know where your coming from since the sony conferance hasnt started yet so its kinda hard to pass judgement.
And i'm pretty sure if you head over to planet xbox or other sole xbox sites you'll find the complete polar opposite to this article as well as a disembowlment of the playstation conferance later today.
Talk about double standards eh?

GrieverSoul2870d ago

The reason why MS conference failed its because it showed no substance.

Kinect = Pre recorded acting!
Core Games = Nothing new and one vague Crytek trailer that showed... DUM DUM DUM... nothing!

Worst part is that MS was always the winner as soon as their conference went live. Strangely it was when they announced a former PS3 exclusive on their platform that the crowd would go wild. This year, at least in the conference, it was a no show.

cyborg69712870d ago

Blah Blah blah blah blah that's all that comes out of your typing 64. Your just a big of a troll as the rest. Can't wait to see actual games today at e3 from sony and nity.

GIANT-ENEMY-CRAB2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

MS correcting mistakes this late in the game will only earn you scrub money compared to the money sony will be making by the time you correct kenict itself... my will xbox covered with crab dust longer than expected

ryuzu2870d ago

The vast majority of 360 owners out there will just buy the multiplats and Halo/GeOW and wonder why there seem to be more and better games on the PS3.

Once they can afford it they'll just buy a PS3 and play its games.

Those people don't know what E3 is, they don't care either.

It's only a relatively small number of people who even care to comment.

So, if MS have a winning product it will sell no matter what anyone here or elsewhere says.

As it happens, MS don't have a winning product in Kinect, and they have very few big name games coming.

I guess my 360 will get turned on for Reach - other than that, it's a quiet year for 360.


captain-obvious2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

are you blind ??
look at the logo of course its a PS3 fanboys website

but it IS the truth
MS didn't show anything new
Halo reach fable 3 and Gears3 along side those multiplats are all shown long time a go
Even that new xbox got leaked before the event
and those Natal games were revealed the day before their keynote (even those are rip-offs)
so what's wrong with what they say ??

the only new thing they show which looks cool so far is that crytec game and that’s it

bjornbear2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Crysis 2 game footage was sweet.

trailer was meh...but the gameplay footage I enjoyed =) some stuff looked bad (the falling building) etc...but over all (for a 360 GAME) it looked amazing and fun!

i do see myself buying crysis 2 =3

UltraNova2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

'And if you’re wondering if we’ll be tearing the Sony conference to shreds in a similar fashion to this then the answer is… No, of course not.'

If Sony fucks up like MS did I would gladly tear them a sparkling new one!

In my case, preferring a system solely on the superior quality it offers doesn't mean I wont criticize them if and when they deserve it.

Hideo_Kojima2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

This years conference showed everything from last years conference...

A call of duty
Halo Reach
MGS Rising
Fable 3
Kinetic (with no hardcore games)

and some new DLC and two just TWO new games.

The one from Crytek and Gears 3

So after a whole year MS has only started msking 2 just 2 new games?
2 announcements? 1 we already knew about for months (gears 3)

Just think about there is no way around this Microsoft's Xbox 360 hardcore gaming is dying and fast even MS think so and they turned it into a Wii that only gets around 2 hardcore games every year.

extermin8or2870d ago

as i was watching the conference for microsoft i was recognising things, and that crytek trailer reminded me abit of an early GOW3 trailer! also the tiger thing was eyepet, the dance game reminded me abit of the eyetoy, the fitness game was wii fit and well as far as im concerned that 'giveaway' at the end was a bribe to the audience who up to that point hadn't seem particularly interested in anything!

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morganfell2870d ago

Uh, what did the trailer show. It wasn't even in engine. It didn't show a bit other than some 300 stolen ideas.

Inside_out2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

That site does that want to attack M$...attack M$...Attacking the games was dumb...comparing video games to past games is dumb...they all look like one another...same with Hollywood movies...Hence, dumb article...

We will see if Sony and Nintendo have as balanced a presentation as M$...

M$ knows who it's demographic is and the one they want...they hit the bulls eye dead center...The hardcore gamer had Gears, Halo and fable 3 plus all the multi-plats that are always better and sell better on 360...This is about the Wii gamers out there...Wii fit sold more than the picture...Ubisoft is standing strong there...EA also showed, what looked to me as a more complicated version but that's who they are hunting...

Kinectanimals was a cute as can be...sure the hardcore gamers were stabbing themselves with a pencil but anyone with children will tell you...there kids would spend hours playing hide and seek with the 10+ animals available...

The MTV dance't think a dance instructional video game will sell...don't get out much

Star Wars Kinect exclusive...little dudes everywhere will line up for a chance to tackle baddie Darth vader...c'mon...this thing is gonna be a smash hit...Sony probably has a deal as well...It did look great...

Kinect sports and adventures is a copy of Wii denying that...expect MORE...

ESPN...sorry, it States only, M$ biggest consumer. Europe has many perks as well...

M$ set out to brng in the casuals...Tuesday night will will see the Kinect presentation....

Crytek exclusive is a win for M$...plain and simple...anybody who saw the tech demo must remember how awesome the castle looked...

If Sony can steal an exclusive or 2 that would be a deal breaker ( Gears, Mass effect )...

basicsameh5142870d ago

saying Microsoft copied Sony is just ridicules the only people that say that are trolls....

T9X692870d ago

All 3 companies are copying each other, why? To try to take away fans from other platforms and bring them to theirs. Its a good business strategy, why would people play the Wii when they could enjoy the same technology but far more advanced on the PS3. Where MS has all these media features like ESPN, Lamebook, Twitter,, but also has Kinect as well as some of the biggest exclusive titles to date.

extermin8or2870d ago

each other although most of what i saw yesterday had been done before, either by them or other companies (to some extent last generation too)

Senden2870d ago

Yeah I seen this all before.. like 3-4 years ago with nintendo's E3.

Why o why2870d ago

plus all company's copy others

shiftymorgan2870d ago

I watched last year and thought it was good.
This year for me it was pretty much the same but with nothing new.
Both Conferences started off with COD. Then went on exactly like the last years. I was bored of it to be honest which was a damn shame since I was raring to watch it.