GamerZines: Interview - EA Sports MMA Live Broadcast

During their E3 press conference last night, EA lifted the lid on EA Sports MMA's Live Broadcast mode, an online mode that looks set to revolutionise the online scene when the game launches this October. The premise is simple: take a spectator mode, add live commentary and pre-fight hype videos, and broadcast the match live to the world. It's just like watching a real fight! After going hands on with the game last month and checking out Live Broadcast for ourselves, GamerZines sat down with MMA's Development Director Nick Laing to find out more about the ground-breaking online mode.

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shikwan2869d ago

will eventually charge to watch this - I gurantee it!

And someone tell me why all the h8 articles on MS yet NO ONE is talking about how EA is with all these devs (Crytek, Epic, Insomniac, Bungie, Valve) WTF???

If it were Microsoft (who did announce a pimpnership with Crytek), everyone'd be having a fit!!

bsquwhere2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Bungie is with Activision. EA is just publishing games for Epic, Insomniac and Crytek. Gamers are mad at MS for making them wait on content for COD. I say "gamers" because it's PC and PS3 players are screwed, it's not a fanboy thing. Well to some it is. They should be mad at Activision as well but it's hard to hate on a company more than Activision. They get it from all sides.

shikwan2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Thanks for the correction w/Bungie.

I have been boycotting EA products because they are greedy bastTURDS ($60 per yer for absolute minimal changes to Madden, Tiger Woods, etc). This included games that they published Battlefield, etc.

Now, it's not so easy to do that cause they're pimping these companies. I had to buy Mass Effect 2, for example.
Speaking of which; look at the EA changes to Bioware's Mass Effect 2 game. I'm guessing the publisher has some say into the production? Which is my point; EA is pimping these companies.

Everyone has and will forever h8 MS. I look at it from a consumer perspectice; if they have a better product (for me) then they got my money. But they are the evil empire that is trying to take over everything! Now they have a device that can 'watch' you (Kinect)! lol

Agreed w/Activision.