NFS Hot Pursuit vs. Driver: San Francisco - Graphic Comparison

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Driver: San Francisco are the new racing games from EA and Ubisoft. Let's do a graphic comparison and take a look at which game offers the better graphics.

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LCS_Ghost_Pride2834d ago

I personally think both games look great and fun

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Bubble down

RedDragan2834d ago

We'll never be able to tell which looks better with pictures that small, and without playing a demo of each we wouldn't be able to tell which has the better gameplay that our opinions can only decide.

yess2834d ago

Why even compare them?

toaster2834d ago

The screens aren't small. You can get a bigger image if you click the link in the bottom right corner of each comparison.

Anyways, Driver has a ridiculous amount of jaggies. Weird they used 2 of the same screens for Need for Speed though.

crazyclown2834d ago

driver's a funner game...phail comparison

HarryM2834d ago

I don't think that Driver: San Francisco will be all that great.

Dee_912834d ago

who keeps approving crap