Electronic Arts Press Conference – Recap

The first press conference of E3 2010 ended yesterday, and with it, a slew of new information on all of Electronic Arts’ newest games. If you weren’t paying close attention, some tidbits of information may have slipped past you. Fortunately, PlayStation LifeStyle was able to catch all the essential information, all of which, can be found below.

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NJShadow2953d ago

EA's press conference kicked butt, one of the best I've seen by far.

user94220772953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Ubisoft was good as well

deadpool192953d ago

Cant wait for Medal Of Honor

chak_2953d ago

am I the one thinking they suck?

I mean
bad company 2 expansion, ok go fix lag/cut/friend list first
MOH gameplay, yeah ok, a COD clone once again
a new NFS
madden '11, can't believe it wow
bulletstorm already heard about that
same for dead space

and other crappy casual?

What new in there? where if BF3, new IP, something not announced... that sucks

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