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Dee_912866d ago

i like the fact you can get in and out of licensed cars and crash them etc

chak_2867d ago

rofl, now that is blur

go make a real game, and come back for E3 2012

Vip3r2866d ago

This really look awful. Might almost raise Driv3r from being the worst driver game to date.

MGRogue20172866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

... The only thing I hate about this game so far is the "switching to other vehicles" thingamajig .. It just looked really gay from the footage shown at the Ubisoft conference.

Is Tanner a ghost now or something? Where he can teleport with his mind & be able to take over other driver's bodies after he dies or crashes? .. it's stupid.

Everything else about the game is fine though

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