Microsoft's E3: slow and steady wins the race?

"Microsoft has reversed Xbox’s fortunes this generation, to a degree only Nintendo can rival. Last night’s show was as much about reflecting on that as it was looking ahead."


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ArcFatalix2958d ago

pretending as a pc gamer, dont belive him guys

GrieverSoul2958d ago

Wont matter how you spin it, it failed.

At least to the core market it did. The casual wont even care because they dont pay attention to these kinds of events anyway.

Chris3992958d ago

who can't even spell "consoles" correctly.

If it's a pun, or a play on words, I'm just not getting it. Personally, I think it's a type of low-grade retardation that is responsible.

Bhai2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

always trying to part with the weaker fanboys in any discussion, its a pity pc never gets any love in any show, exposition or discussion about games. Conloles unite with the weak in hopes to topple the strong... well conloles, no matter what side in a discussion wins... its all about consoles, whichever wins or loses, gaming is just integrated with consoles, and you with your entire apathetic pc fanboys can't do anything about it :)

Of to play "Mortal Kombat" on my PS3/360 in near future ;), no conloles, PC doesn't have this... nor a hundred of other genre defining console games and no there won't be a PS3/360 emulator in even the far, far future, PC just can't handle it heh heh heh :) Keep plying crysis, you might get a Ph.D. in it haaahaahaa!!!


thats right steady does win the race but how is this steady? this is more slow than anything... one more nail to the coffin any one wanna pet baby tiger?

cyborg69712958d ago

Whatever wanker damage control at it's finest. MS looks like they just threw something together last minute, after a three day trip on peyote.

krisq2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Steady wins the race. Look at Sony's steady flow of awesomness.

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captain-obvious2958d ago

this article = denial at its best

Jamie Foxx2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

i guarantee not one biased american journalist believes what their typing...even hardened 360 fanboys took off the rose tinted glasses to admit microsoft have gone backwards,ms are schizophrenic right now

firstly it was first to the market acting the 'hare' to win the race now all of a sudden their the tortoise?

'the little girl acting like the tiger was licking her was the point i had to pinch myself and ask 'has gaming come to this?' i actual vomited alittle in my mouth

and this is what you get when you run out of ideas and options because you have NO FIRST PARTY amount of spinning can cover up how dire ms e3 was

bring on nintendo with zelda and 3ds and sony with GAMES


" even hardened 360 fanboys took off the rose tinted glasses to admit microsoft have gone backwards "

Puts hand up...

solidjun52958d ago

You're actually objective. I read your comments yesterday and you wonderfully articulated a lot of people's sentiments of MS conference.

RAVEN812958d ago

youve took the works out of my mouth. it the no frist party i can pay for everything and now that they have so many gamer piss off, some of those gamer are going to stop gaming cuz of this . everybody say thank you MS . im selling mine

harrisk9542957d ago

You took the words right out of my mouth -- that little girl was so contrived, so sickeningly sweet, so Sesame Street -- that I was embarrassed for MS. It was like watching an episode of Barney -- the same bad child acting...

Then, the "conference call" with the twin sisters... What the heck what that???

I was expecting big things from MS -- they always have some blockbuster announcements (actually, Aaron Greenberg said before E3, that Natal was not the biggest announcement) -- and was shocked at that the lack of almost anything that would appeal to those watching the presentation. So sad.

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Lifendz2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

The show started off good. Granted, I thought it was sorta weak to make a 3rd party game your opening title, especially a 3rd party game that's surrounded with all the skepticism/controversy as the next COD. But whatever. Gears 4 player co-op, Reach, some exclusive from Crytek...ok. Not bad. Rising trailer looked okay but it didn't wow me.

Then...well it went from good to horrible. It was really hubris at it's finest. I guess MS knew that the audience was half asleep and half amazed at the dearth of games that they Oprah'ed out the 360 slim. non-gaming uses but are you going to spend 149.99 or more for that? And if you think it won't cost that much you're crazy. MS is making this it's major push. No way this thing drops for 99.99.

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Baliw2958d ago

What's this bullshit?
Turn out what?
Only Nintendo?
Dead Space 2 + Move is a turn around.
Reflecting ahead is a flock of people seeing how casual Kinect is.

Oh, and please, lose the interrogation symbol.

dirigiblebill2958d ago

Before anybody kicks off, I'm pretty sure Sony will put on the better show. But Microsoft's presser wasn't nearly the calamity some are styling it...

Timesplitter142958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

- only announced ONE new game (Project Kingdoms. We know nothing about it)
- showed lots of multiplats
- Gears 3 looks like Gears 2, Halo Reach looks like Halo 3
- Kinect is for children and pregnant women

How is this not a terrible conference?

T9X692958d ago

Gears 3 looked much different from Gears 2, have you even played Gears of War? I can tell you myself as being a beta tester that Halo Reach is NOTHING like Halo 3 in terms of gameplay.
Kinect I agree with.

MS conference was off to a great start with COD, Gears, MGS then took a complete 180 and went downhill with Kinect games. It wasn't terrible but it did fail to please the harcore gamers.

I predict Sony's conference is going to be the exact same way, show off Killzone 3, Infamous 2, LBP 2, then move on with the Move crap for 80% of the time left. At the end they will probably announce some big new awesome games instead of giving away free stuff. They will replace MS free gifts with awesome new exclusives but the conference will be very similar to MS.

callahan092958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

I agree with you (T9X69) that Halo Reach looks like a nice advancement or change in gameplay from what we've been getting in the Halo series in the past. But Gears of War 3? Not only does it look not much different from Gears 2, interestingly enough I thought it looked even more similar to Gears 1. The "boss" fight they showed reminded me a lot of the be blind behemoth that you have to fight a couple of times in the first Gears. The mechanics of the fight seemed extremely similar (it only has a melee rush attack that you avoid by jumping out of the way at the last moment, no matter how much you shoot it, you don't win the fight by shooting it, but by biding your time until the orange beams shoot down from the sky to assist you... sorry for not remembering the technical names for this stuff, but you get the idea). The only thing in Gears 3 that they showed that you don't get in Gears 1 or 2 is 4 players instead of 2 and the ability to swap weapons. Nothing significant in my opinion. It's an improvement. But the game in general looks a lot like what we've played before. Reach is looking like a great new experience, though, with significantly improved graphics, nice changes to the tone (especially some of the new soundtrack!), etc. Gears 3 looks graphically and is tonally identically to what came before it, unfortunately. I loved Gears 1. I don't know why, but I was underwhelmed by Gears 2. Gears 3 doesn't look to bring back the glory in my opinion. I'm most looking forward to Reach and Fable 3.

FinalomegaS2957d ago

did you think that up? because as my woman is pregnant, I can't really see this made any sense. Only thing she wants to see is food menu and a bed or couch to relax on.

Kinect pretty much falls into the same category as wii casual users/ non users and kids.

Chris3992958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Then some "exclusive" DLC news... Then footage from about three or so actual exclusives (but is Fable 3 still on the PC or what?) and finally a CGI trailer for a game we still know nothing about.

Next up: animal, sports, and lifestyle shovelware for an hour. Note the malfunctioning camera and seizuring avatar during the hurtle game. The only thing that saved the show (for the attendees) was the Oprah moment at the end.

And the people who didn't get free 360 Slims still don't give a $hit.

The MS core faithful have been trumpeting for a year now about how Natal/ Kinect would enrich their experience with the 360. We saw none of that, not even a glimmer. Closest thing was some sort of Forza tech demo where you get to inspect a car. Wow, mind-blown. / sarcasm off

But seriously, what show were you watching?

ryuzu2958d ago

Remember last year when Ninty showed the pulse rate monitor (what the hell did they call it again?).

Anyway, everyone realised then the emperor had no clothes. The Wii could have been an act of marketing genius, or just pure dumb luck from a company desparate to change it's fortune. The pulse monitor was a stupid cash in on the the Wii fit fad and demonstrated Ninty were just fumbling in the dark and not really heading in a specific direction.

This year's E3 is the same for MS. Kinect is just a wtf moment for anyone who knows or cares what E3 is about.

It demonstrates that MS doesn't know who or what it's "core" audience wants, has gambled on some untested technology and now is trying to push it down our throats (by effectively bribing bloggers).

It missed the mark on so many levels and that's why there's such a big backlash.


Timesplitter142958d ago

MS conference was abysmal.

EA wins so far

claterz2958d ago

So far it's been a boring E3 lol, AC:B looked really good, that's probably the best tihng that has been shown. Looking forward to Nintendo and Sony!!

ArcFatalix2958d ago

and 360 owners were laughin in 2007? wow lol complete turn around

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