MS: Kinect games have 'great depth'

Xbox 360 Kinect does have a place in core gaming, Neil Thompson, Microsoft's Senior Regional Director, Northern Europe, Entertainment & Devices Division, has said.

"Kinect was obviously a big part of what we had to talk about in the last two days because it is a transformational thing," he explained. "It is going to change the way people interact with technology and how you get different types of people to interact with technology."

He added: "My view is gaming enthusiasts get enthusiastic around great innovative technology. A lot of the games we have for Kinect, although they're easy to get involved in and start playing, they also have some great depth we think the person that loves good deep rich gaming experiences will also enjoy. So as people get to know more about what these games have to offer they'll resonate more deeply with them than maybe they see at the moment."

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BeaRye2832d ago

You'll get bashed for posting something positive about Kinect or Xbox on here. Be careful.

cossie1232832d ago

hahaha gotta love what ya said cuz its true

Conloles2832d ago

BeaRye you have much to learn its anything pro MS or anything anti Sony

GrieverSoul2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

It seems hating Kinect is the new thing right now. I´ll give you that. But in all honesty, it failed miserably! This technology was supposed to change so much yet it showed so little.

Star Wars: In all honesty, you will stay in the air with a none existing light saber trying to take down Vader?!?! WTF?!?! Why is the guy forcing to defeat Vader?! Its thin air! Nothing stops me to slash my non existant sword right trough Vader saber and body. That cut scene is full of fail!!

Kinectanimals: The only demonstration were the actress seemed to be having fun. The little kid was the most conving of them all. She actually looked like she was having fun. But I think it was an acting because the "ghost" arms seen on screen didnt quite match the girls arms position. At least I got that impression. I only watched it once.

sixaxis2832d ago

kinect is so awesome, i totally loved lion game. and that pregnant women yoga, oh, and ofcourse dancing, funky.

btw, if sims3 comes for kinect, be ready to play it naked! how otherwise ya will be having sex or taking dump?

PLAYstar2832d ago Show
Crusade2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

How you can have a megaman avatar and support kinect is beyond human comprehension. It doesn't get any more hardcore than megaman.

BeaRye2832d ago

I support gaming. Gaming itself is hardcore. Who am I to define what specific game is hardcore? If a 12 y/o plays 16 hours straight of Wii bowling (for whatever reason), does that make him less hardcore than some frat boy who plays Halo or Killzone for 8 hours? People who play games, play games.

Downtown boogey2832d ago

How is 'gaming itself' hardcore? Makes no sense. "I just checked my farm at Farmville: it was a half a minute of pure hardcore."
If ANYONE plays Wii bowling 16 hours straight it's a clear indication that that person is retarded.


one week of a 3 year old petting baby tiger here and it back to gamestop to get 20 dollars back from the 60 you just spent and if your older than 5 and you have pet the the tiger your most likely undergoing anger management classes..

GrieverSoul2832d ago

It seems hating Kinect is the new thing right now. I´ll give you that. But in all honesty, it failed miserably! This technology was supposed to change so much yet it showed so little.

ryuzu2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Bear in mind MS (and those who are rabid in their love of MS) are the ones guilty of using grand terms to describe Kinect and it's impact on gaming.

Here we are at the reveal and there is a huge gap between what was promised and what appears to be delivered.

There's shock, anger, disappointment etc. There were jibes about a glorified Eyetoy being thrown around for the last few months, but I think most people didn't believe that.

I felt that MS would produce something cool enough with Natal and the Eyetoy comments would be unfounded. That hasn't happened.

The frustrating thing now is how much time and money have and will be wasted on this rather than producing the next new IP etc.

Game development takes so long these days - it looks like it'll be the next E3 before we might see something good from MS.

I think this will tank and they'll rush up their 720 announcement for next year as the only way to make a clean break.


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Close_Second2832d ago

...was not paid by Microsoft.

Just for once I'd love to hear what someone honestly thinks. Obviously when you work for the company that won't ever happen. Not unless you no longer want to work for the company.

Sitris2832d ago

The conference was by no means bad, just disappointing. It could have been 2 hours long, with some actual game announcements. That being said the games shown for the hardcore looked great, but it was still disapointing to have no games announced.

BeaRye2832d ago

I think the ferrari demo was pretty hardcore. I like the whole interactivity of inspecting the vehicle and then being able to enter it and interact with the actual controls: i.e. wheel, start engine, etc.

ryuzu2832d ago

I can see that being fun .... once.... maybe.

You really want to "walk around" - or to be accurate lean around, to see a car in 3D rather than have accurate control using a pad?

Not only that but then there is the gameplay demo. The lag appears to be very bad - so much so the guy cannot get around 1 corner without hitting the barrier or even pass a car on a straight without running into it.

Not only that, but you have to hold your arms in the air - try doing that for an hour right now and you'll see why Kinect cannot be used for a serious racer (or any racer for that matter).

Sounds like a $150 exercise in frustration.

MS have forced devs to pour money and time into this tech and the end result is not worth it.

Turn 10 could have spent that time trying to get near to GT5, instead they're wasting time on pointless features and shoddy gameplay.


cossie1232832d ago

dont worry this is just the beginning there will be hardcore games compatible with this.

claterz2832d ago

You know when the guy was racing in forza, how was he braking and accelerating?

jay22832d ago

MS: Kinect games have 'great depth'
You what?

Killzone3Helghast2832d ago

Pedobear: "Hey wanna come play with my tail? ^_^"
Pedobear: "We can ... *Kinect* .. together"
Pedobear: "... You still there?"
Kid: "Mommy, mommy! There is a strange looking bear talking to me!! LOOK!"
Mom: "Oh shi--- CALL THE FBI!!!!!"

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