Photoblog: Pictures From E3 - Advertisements

[email protected]: "Our man-on-the-scene for E3 2010, Greg Mengel, is doing us proud by sending us back lots of lovely, high res photos for your delictation. Sit back, relax, and soak up the E3 atmosphere whilst looking at these beautiful photographs. All our other photoblogs can be found here."

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kidnplay2931d ago

Lovely pictures - the Fallout one is very nice, as is Homefront :D

Bolts2931d ago

Homefront, nice billboard, stupid game. It's a game about the North Koreans invading the US. LOL!!

Valay2931d ago

Gotta love E3 pictures.

chak_2931d ago

geez I want that homefront thingy in my desk room