MS has new approach to Europe

Xbox Europe boss Chris Lewis has said that mistakes were made when Microsoft launched its original console in some European countries - but pledged they won't be repeated with Xbox 360.

Speaking in an interview with Eurogamer sister site, Lewis said, "We've got pockets of fantastic achievement in EMEA and I think the UK is an example of that.. But then if you look around the rest of the region we have different challenges...

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SuperSaiyan44131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

Keep on ripping off Ye Ol' England...

EDIT: I am suprised people are disagreeing with this along with the fact that I have lost a bubble.

Why are there some on here with TONS of bubbles and I cant even keep 2, I dont use verbal abusive language nor am I a fanboy.

paul_war4131d ago

I agree, £60 for the wireless network adaptor, thats almost $120 for you Yanks! Still I had to get one...

tonsoffun4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

I agree bud - the British gamers always tend to get shafted seriously.

And it is not just Microsoft either.

We pay £420 for a PS3 over here, that's about $840!!!!

PS - have a bubbe bud.

Xeoset4131d ago

Good too see MS showing how good they're at buisness and how serious they take their approach in gaming.

Keep bringing all those great games and the people will keep 'Jumping In'.

Xeoset4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

I see you have no clue on what currency difference, importation and taxes are.

tonsoffun4131d ago

It still doens't fully explain the price difference - there is VAT to consider and some import taxes, but I am certain that it doesn't fully all even out.

But it is the same for everything over here.

Shadow Flare4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

Southern Europe is Sony land. Good luck overthrowing that. You guys should've used your headstart more wisely. MS said the same thing about Japan though, 'oh yeah we have a new plan. Yadda yadda we will appeal to japanese gamers by having japanese rpg's and more games made by japanese developers blah blah'. DIDN'T WORK! I'll give you a reason why the original xbox flopped in japan. Cos they couldn't fit it into their small apartments. I'll give you a reason why the xbox 360 flopped in Japan. Cos their apartments are so small, the machine heats it up so much and so fast they pass out. And their fellow Japanese neighbours that live next to them can't stand the noise that thing makes through their paper walls. Xbox 360 really is an american console, and i think MS has a hard time understanding what other cultures are like and what they want.


xeoset- Considering ps3 is selling better than the ps2 in the same time-frame in the uk, i wouldn't call that a failure.

I wouldn't call the UK ps3 launch a failure
'Record-breaking 165,000 PS3s sold at UK launch'

And i said southern Europe, which is most loyal to europe, they don't care about 360.

And FYI Australia has been outselling Wii and 360 consistantly since launch. So get you facts straight

Don't get in a hissy-fit, and i'll add to something you said earlier: "Microsoft may of failed in Japan"...and they're not doing good in Australia...they're dropping in Europe and was never particularly strong there anyway. Nope america is 360's foothold. And ps3 has only 3 good exclusive AAA titles out. And it stills sells well for what it is.

Have you seen the ps3 sales since the pricecut? Have you seen the game line-up this year? The only direction ps3 is going is up and its going up ALOT faster then it was. The pss3's future looks a helluva lot better than the 360's

PS. did you not get that what i said about Japan before was a joke?? Of course they can fit an xbox in their apartments, lol jeez

Xeoset4131d ago

What's that?

Sony's first whole week in the UK and they could only manage to 24k sell? An 88% drop from launch?

Microsoft may of failed in Japan, but Sony have failed everywhere this generation. Facts vs. your opinions and facts win.

Elginer4131d ago

and we all know the PS3 is so tiny.

SuperSaiyan44131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

You mean me?? Or 1.1 because I wasnt the one making the comparison so the disagree against me wasnt fair was it.

Want to know how much the Live Vision camera on in the USA is? $27!! Which is around £13!! Or £15 with tax here in the UK Amazon is nice enough to sell it to us for around £24.99 which is around $50.

I know the markets are very different but its soo darn cheap in the USA because of the exchange rates but in all fairness companies should take that into account because if the dollar gets weaker then the more they sell in the UK the more money they make in dollars!

Also @ the guy above me.

The PS3 is a bit bigger than the 360, consumers more power and gives off FAR MORE HEAT I have a PS3 and the thing gets extremely hot! Sure the console is stable and nothing happens but design wise the 360 does look nicer and its smaller.

Both consoles have their pros and cons.

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