Xbox 360 Slim Accessories Are ... Black

Videogameszone published a lot of images, showing the new Xbox 360 Slim accessories.

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T9X692960d ago

Well no shit, the console is black. What did you expect rainbow colors?

SOAD2960d ago

you got something against rainbows, amigo?


also coming soon are glowing color changing orb kenict add-on note:color changing orb key chain IS included

The real killer2960d ago

This is no SLIM version, it's a re-design no big difference with the old one.
It's a little bit smaller and still have that power brick.

T9X692960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Really because I'm looking at my Xbox right now and its fat compared to the the new SLIM one. Looks like my PS3 SLIM isn't smaller or re-designed either, how the hell does that happen?

OMG watch out for the power brick, give me a break, its called slim because of the console. Not because of a power brick. You said yourself in your comment below that you have the FAT 360, so what does that make the one in the picture? I'll let you put two and two together.

The real killer2960d ago

I have also a 360 fat one, they fergot the power brick inside the your called slim version ;)

vhero2960d ago

Funny thing is these are designed for the xbox 360 premium and have been out ages these are not newly designed accessories for the new model 360.

sukru2960d ago

They put a picture for the Wireless-N adapter... Amusing :)

MurderMyDoll2960d ago

well if EB don't have a trade in deal for people like me who have just bought 250GB Elites atleast I can buy myself one of those sexy black controllers

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The story is too old to be commented.