E3 2010: Microsoft Conference Summary

E3 2010 has kicked off, and here's my summary of Microsoft's conference for you to ponder on. /by Bunny

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T9X692957d ago

Here's a quick summery

1.Few big titles where shown like Gears 3, COD, Fable 3, MGS
2.Worthless kid Kinect games, and fitness crap
3.Nerd dances on stage making a fool out of himself
4.Everyone is pissed because the show was a fail
5.MS pulls a fast one giving everyone there a Free Xbox 360 S

Stuart57562957d ago

There were a lot of BAM moments, like those two women on that dingy thing, one of them shouted 'wow look at the water', as though it's the first time she played it! At times I felt uncomfortable watching it!

T9X692957d ago

Tell me about, my GF came in the room as they was showing Kinectaimls and all she heard was a little girl going "Oh yea you like that dont you, yes you dooo" and was like WTF are you watching :/

GrieverSoul2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I actually felt unconfortable watching some of it too. Like when the announcer was expecting apllauses and the crowd were complety silent. They should of given the new X360 to them first because it was the only thing about that press conference that made them excited about.

Edit: About the Kinectanimals, the little kid was the most conving of them all. She actually looked like she was fun. But I think it was an acting because the "ghost" arms seen on screen didnt quite match the girls arms position. At least I got that impression. I only watched it once.

WhittO2957d ago

Its always funny when they expect applause or laughter and everyone is silent, happens in all of the conferences, but mostly MS's for some reason lol.

Venatus-Deus2957d ago

Nothing was more painful that watching the two twins exchanging pre-written dialog over Kinect video.

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PLAYstar2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

The media is seriously f*kup as well. I'm wondering why none of them actually raise question to the fake acting showcasing Kinect. It clearly have shown that the product is incomplete, yet it will be integrated into the new model?? Where are the PR interviews? we need clear answer! This is a scam attempt!


you also forgot it kenict actors sucked have you ever seen negative lag? well now i have..

SOAD2957d ago

How come you named yourself after another user?

Check his account history, fellas. This one joined an hour or so ago.


how come your a fag? easy just push the poop back into the black hole...besides how am i supposed to know the name exists obviously i don't have as much time as you do to check accounts..

SOAD2956d ago

I'm sure you do know because you decided to spell it with dashes in the middle just so N4G would let you create the account, fucking moron.

It's pretty obvious that you're a multi-account fanboy. Get the fuck out of here.

Killzone3Helghast2957d ago

1. Only 2 titles that interested me the least bit: Fable 3 and Metal Gear Rising

2. Kinect, press snooze button for 60 minutes then come back

3. For the last 4 minutes of the conference they announce to the crowd "OH AND DID WE FORGET TO MENTION THE FREE NEW SLIM XBOX360 TO EVERYONE HERE?!?!!?!!!!!" and then everyone woke up and was like "WOOOOOOOOT FREE XBOX MAN YAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!"

Totally ignoring all that Kinect stuff that just happened.

GenerationWinner2957d ago

laughing stock web site on the net have you all noticed lol... its the only site were all ps3 trolls gather to speak untrue fanboy things against anything ms or xbox related. you know why...cause when they are on other sites and try the same tactics they will be punished with the phrase "head over to it the site where you should be not here" looool.

Killzone3Helghast2957d ago

Gee, because that picture of the Xbox360 doesn't make you any better then PS3 fanboys?

Who is trolling who now?

thor2957d ago

Err... no. Even on other sites like neogaf they agree that the conference was awful. Every GAMER should be united over this issue.

CrippleH2957d ago

Or laugh it up with GIFs with Neogaf.

Redlight2957d ago

My God. This site is a travesty.