Watch the Fallout: New Vegas E3 demo live today

You can watch a streaming demo of Fallout: New Vegas from E3 today at 17:00 EST courtesy of Bethesda and G4TV. You'll also be able to watch another one on Thursday.

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Brewski0072810d ago

Is what im excited about. I cannot wait to see this game , more and more. I saw some gameplay already from the trailer and all i can say is its looking awesome. Fallout 3 was like doing time for 3 months because i played it to death , i'll probably do the same for this one.

R_aVe_N2810d ago

I am with you on that! I am very much looking forward to this game! Fallout 3 was there very first of my rare plat trophies. I only get the plat for games that I really like and go out of my way to get it.

inveni02809d ago

First, when does this come out? I beat Fallout 3 on PC a couple of times but was thinking of getting it for PS3. If this comes out soon, I might just wait.

Second, I'm really disappointed that Bethesda refuses to develop decent character animations. It really grinds me. It's my only real beef with the game. Other than that, it's a lot of fun. Totally immersive. I remember when I first found that beautifully vegetated city in the mountains. It was awesome.

mal_tez922810d ago

While some gameplay mechanics were very underdeveloped and simple, the whole complete package was just perfect.