MS: Kinect 'not necessarily' part of Fable III

Earlier this year Molyneux said it would be "crazy" not to integrate Fable III with Kinect and explained how the technology would work with the game.

So what happened to Fable III Kinect integration at E3 2010? Molyneux certainly didn't talk about it during his time on stage.

We caught up with Microsoft's Neil Thompson to get some answers.

"What Peter showed today, it [Kinect] wasn't part of it, so I'm not necessarily expecting it to be part of it. We'll just have to wait and see what Lionhead Studios... where they develop and how they develop and where and when they'll want to integrate this sort of technology into their products."

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jay22956d ago

Good P.M's seen sence.
Can't wait for Fable 3.

GrieverSoul2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Its old news alright!
Also, damage control anyone?! lol

ryuzu2956d ago

Molyneux has a pivotal role in the Xbox product line - he must shoe horn Kinect in somewhere.

OR to put it another way, if even Molyneux won't find some use for it in Fable, then what hope is there that 3rd parties will embrace it?

Not only that, but Fable is 360's only first party exclusive still on the Radar - GeOW and Reach are both 2nd/3rd party developments (with IP owned by MS of course). Fable & Lionhead are the only somewhat big names left for MS going forward - how will it look if they don't use the game-changing Kinect in some way?


Bhai2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

...Chickening out already, hey MS!

I believe we'll hear lots of such comments in near future, 'kinect not necessarily part of gears3', 'not necessarily part of kameo'... heck, even "not necessarily part of the 360 experience" haahaahahha. I bet the Cirque du Soleil and flopped E3 conference made their minds now :)

Remember when back in 2005 MS said Japan is the most important territory?... and after losing ground there shifted to "Japan is not important". Same goes here, keep lieing to the gamers MS, you never had any standards we know this, as you never pushed the games industry forward in anything :)

jkhan2956d ago

15$ Natal Integration (on disc) DLC?