E3 2010 : New Gears of War 3 screenshots are badass to the core

Gamersmint : We have 14 brand new Gears of War 3 screenshots, which shows the new female fighter along with all kinds of other badass stuff.

Gears of War 3 was finally demoed on the MS press conference. Cliffy B and some epic guys came to the stage and started showing us the new 4 player Co-op of gears of war 3.

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NnT32912873d ago

Your avatar always cracks me up lmao

gamerzBEreal172872d ago

although u are a huge trolling fanboy i must say it is a huge contender for GOTY i cant wait for this game hopefully its more like part1 and less like part2 part1 was the best game i played period part2 was a laggy mess part3 should be better then part2 but not as good as part1 :{ hopefully im wrong

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gamer20102873d ago

Gears of War 3 looks terrific. The lighting has seen a major overhaul and it all comes together beautifully. I am counting the days until we get to play this.

cyborg2873d ago

Anya looks hot! Marcus would be kicking more Lambent ass this time to impress her! He's one lucky guy! <3

Bodyboarder_VGamer2873d ago

I just finished watching the MS conference on gamespot and it wasn't that terrible... From what I saw GeoW3 looked really impressive. The game has terrific graphics and the 4 co-op seems really really cool. Sony needs a game like GeoW on the PS3, now if only Killzone were a third person shooter cus there are too many FPS on the console. Uncharted is good but I'm talking about a real TPS with huge monsters and lots of action.

gamerzBEreal172872d ago

since when is a TPS not a TPS inless it has monsters? lmao and for action uncharted has way more action then gears dont get me wrong i love both of them (gears alot more) but uncharted2 has more features its a better game then gears the reson i perfer gears is its so much more pro and just addicting and its just gears its great uncharted still has alot to learn but it can easily stand up to gears also ps3 has socom4...just sayin its another big TPS meanwhile 360 needs a platformer (LPB2) a open world game (infamous) Crackdown is good but im talking a game with a story and not a game where u break also needs more racers ps3 (twisted metal motorstorm 1 2 and 3 GT5) xbox360(forza2 and 3) xbox360 needs more FPS (u get sick of halo after awhile) ps3 (killzone2 and 3 resistance2 and 3 MAG) i wouldnt be worrying about ps3 having a TPS with monsters i would worry about microsoft giving me something to play besides a TPS with monsters ... just sayn

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DevilsOwn2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Amazing screenshots. Isn't a huge leap from Gears 2, but still one of the best on the 360.

Cartesian3D2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

they are bullshots somehow.. motionblur , 128x MSAA..etc

you wont see this quality on you XboX.. go see the video presentation and you will see the difference between these screens and the real thing..

anyway Gears looks better than almost all 360 games, and Im sure Gears3 will look better than 2 , but Im sick of bullshots from EPIC. they are evil

EDIT: some of them are even RENDERS, it means they are not even realtime on their huge PC s..

Paradicia2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Did you even see the gameplay shown at the MS press conference? By saying that these screenshots are just bullshots is more than a compliment than anything else lol. The tech evolved and so did the graphics - deal with it.

SOAD2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

you're right, those are definitely bullshots.

Edit: For those of you who are curious, that's not the real Giant Enemy Crab. Check his profile history, he joined like an hour ago.

dirthurts2873d ago

That's a bit overboard don't you think?
They're legit. I saw the gameplay.
Looks good. Not amazing, but good.

ABizzel12872d ago

Most of the pics. look like the real deal, but some of them (especially the 2 before the last 2) are touched up or taken from in engine cut scenes kind of like how Uncharted has.

The lighting in jpg84 is flowing to the right and still it's lighting up the opposite side that the light is reflecting towards.

jpg73 the locust just doesn't fit with the environment you can tell it's touched up, but everything else looks in game.

The game looks good, so the touching up I don't understand. Gears is definitely holding down the 360 graphics crown.

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gamer20102873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Actually, it is a pretty big leap. Just the fact that Gears 3 now has dynamic lighting and shadows makes it a significant leap.

Sorry to burst your bubble, buddy, but LittleBigPlanet and Infamous 2 are not really that visually impressive. They look decent enough, don't get me wrong, but nothing we haven't seen many times on the 360. In terms of open world games, Assassin's Creed and Red Dead Redemption both look much better than Infamous. LBP has nice art direction but it isn't doing anything that special from a technical standpoint.

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