Why Gamers Want To Hate Kinect


"What isn’t so great are the judgements that seem to have already been cast both for and against Kinect’s success in providing new play experiences.

Having gone hands-on with what was then known as Natal at E3 2009, and attended both the Kinect event and the keynote earlier today, the three of us are quite optimistic.

But you know what? That doesn’t matter in the slightest. What we and most of you reading this think is the absolute least of Microsoft’s worries. And here’s why."

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BadCircuit2929d ago

I don't get all the hate but then I haven't been there. The Star Wars lightsabre and force push sounds cool to me!

gaminoz2929d ago

Star Wars always gets my attention :) I can see my youngest son having the time of his life with something like that.

Conloles2929d ago

I want to hate Kinect and I want to hate this pro Xbox lamo site.

gamer20102929d ago

Of course you did, captain obvious, because you are a big fat PS3 fanboy. With the amount of absurdly biased PS3 fanboy blogs that get put on n4g, you have the audacity to complain about a fairly balanced site like OXCGN? Give me a break. You ps3 fanboys are ridiculous.

captain-obvious2929d ago

"Of course you did, captain obvious, because you are a big fat PS3 fanboy"

no because this website has been more than few times
tried to post fanboish (360 fanboys) articles
some of them got approved and some did not

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ryuzu2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

The problem is :

"What isn’t so great are the judgements that seem to have already been cast both for and against Kinect’s success in providing NEW PLAY EXPERIENCES."

There aren't any new play experiences. What MS have shown is Eyetoy. Eyetoy was short lived fun 5 years ago - now we want more.

Up to E3 there was a feeling that MS were hiding some megaton gameplay - it looks like they weren't.

That's why E3 for MS has been a bust - even their exclusives haven't lifted their fortunes. Apart from Reach I am struggling to find reasons to turn my 360 on in the next year and that is deplorable.

The most frustrating thing is now Sony have no credible competition - so who is going to keep driving them innovate?


menoyou2929d ago

no one wants to hate it, it just sucks

ico922929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

these guys need to take their fanboy goggles off people wanna hate Kinect beacuase microsoft mislead everyone its not this "revolutionary" "innovative" new controler for gaming, because...

A: Its useless to hardcore gamers
B: Its not even a new way to play casual games
C: The Eye Toy can do 90-95 percent of everyting Kinect can do and has been doing it for 8-7 years for 100$ less

Kinect hasn't impressed anyone, the software they showed screamed shovelware , some of them were clones of games on the ps3 and wii, like wii sports and eye pet. Kinect is a overpriced grossly overhyped old tech, and the only people that are still impressed by it after that embarassing confrence are blind narrow minded fanboys. Bottom line Microsoft LIED and Kinect sucks deal with it.

gamer20102929d ago

It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that you, menoyou and the rest of the haters on this site are known ps3 fanatics, could it? Oh I'm sure it couldn't.

You guys are transparent. You're not fooling anyone. You hate on everything Xbox-related like it is a religion.

adamhacking2929d ago

how can you say that 90% of the stuff is on eye toy, et me explain for you simpleton, who doesnt do his research, but jumps in at the first chance of bein a nob, (BTW I Hav both a ps3 and xbox):
1) the camera moves to follow you off screen
2) the camera is in 3d (so it can track your movements in detail)
3) because it tracks you in 3D you become part of the game, (eye toy you become a figure in the background and the game is around you, it cant make you into a moving character, kenect puts you in the game, like the raft game demo, the racing demo)
4) voice recognition
5) Facial and full body recognition

6) more interactive features, other than games, pause/play movies, try on clothes from famous brands, and more
7) there is so much more than this but i cba explaining it to some hippy that is on dope!!!!
BTW it is revoloutionary, look on nasa's website they have written a report about the technology!!!
you can play casual games you have to walk on the spot or is this too much of a hard workout for you you fat F***er
tbh you dont have a clue and your just a ps3 fanboy.

PLAYstar2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Because of this...

And this

Now this

And that!

Cheating/Scam is just not the way to get around. Never treat us gamers like fools! B!TCH!

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gaminoz2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

From what I'm getting people are more impressed with it now that they are seeing third party stuff for it.

Time will tell if the PS3's Move is anything more impressive.

Hearing there's Goldeneye for Wii suddenly makes that console more exciting, so it's the software and how the interface works that is important I think. (I think I'd rather use the gamecube controller than the Wiimote on Goldeneye...)

Godem2929d ago

I hate it because I want to sit down and chill. Not stand up and look ridiculous while the neighbors laugh at me.

gaminoz2929d ago don't have a wii then...

tinybigman2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

sitting down (whenever i do play it). dont need to do much to play those games. as for natal i couldnt believe the crap they were showing on stage. i wanted to poke out my eyes from the pain of watching that crap. none of that crap appeals to me.

i don't want to hate it i just do period. same goes for all motion controls.

SOAD2929d ago

This is a tired argument, and a childish one.

"I don't like that people will laugh at me."

I won't even counter that with anything.

embop2929d ago

No1 will make you buy it, even if you do no1 make you play it. and if your worried about your neighbors, maybe invest in some curtains?

ElementX2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I think people had this big idea that Kinect was for hardcore gamers with a few casual titles thrown in for good measure. Truth is, Kinect was never hyped as a hardcore periphral. People sat down hoping to see some hardcore FPS titles and stuff but were let down because it's designed for family fun.

The Wood2929d ago

but 'some' of the fanboys pushed natal like it was going to be able to do hardcore gaming. Many people were skeptical, many were indeed hating. Turns out the most of the skeptics were right. A controller with no tangible input device IS limited. IF it wasnt then MS of all people would be showing us WITHOUT the faked, rail shows....

Belgavion2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Microsoft needed to show us a game that was solely something ONLY Kinect could do and they failed to do so. All we got were Wii software clones. I find it hard not to be disappointed when even Peter Molyneux - a man who went on a year ago about how excited he was by the tech - came out on stage and didn't even mention it.

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