New Assassin’s Creed : Brotherhood E3 images

Gamersmint : We bring some brand new screenshots of Assassin’s Creed : Brotherhood from Ubisoft’s recently concluded E3 Press Con. The screens show Ezio’s team in action aswell Ezio handling a cannon gun among other things.

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DevilsOwn2808d ago

The cannon is totally awesome. Cant wait to get my hands on it.

cyborg2808d ago

Looking good to be honest but I just hope they don't ignore the SP part now that they are including Multi-Player for the first time. I loved AC 2 and this seems like fun, leading a whole group of Assassins against the Templar order. I hope the SP is as good as AC 2 if not better. I wont mind trying the MP aspect aswell.

wdeath2808d ago

At least I'm hoping rather sure that this game is gonna kick some bad ass.

grasshopperboy2808d ago

looks sweet
i'm actually excited for this game almost looks like a sequel instead of a spinoff/expansion

cyborg2808d ago

This is shaping up to be good. I really like the main nemesis of Ezio too. He seems agile and young like him this time around. I might end up enjoying this as much as AC2 if not more. Plus there is MP which might turn out to be fun aswell.

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