Xbox 360 Slim Unboxing

Videogameszone unboxed the new Xbox 360 Slim.

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GreenRingsOfLife2775d ago

Pure sex? I wonder if Kinect will have a Adult Only game of a Sex Simulator.

Catharsis2775d ago

Pure sex? Because you got it for free? There's nothing amazing about it, the 360 should've had in-built wifi years ago.

ClownBelt2775d ago

Built in Wifi is the greatest thing ever now that Microsoft put one on their console.

Shadow Flare2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

yeah, soon reliability will be all the rage

TheHardware2775d ago


it usually involves a lot more curves than a box. but meh! whatever....

NewZealander2775d ago

i just want to know if the finish will be scratch resistant or not, i hate this piano finish stuff that looks like crap after you try to clean it.

Tunerboy87322775d ago

Its probably the same glossy black like the original ps3 which collects dust like crazy and gets scratches so easily.

cmrbe2775d ago

much smaller than the original.

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