I Am Alive E3 Trailer

I Am Alive is an edgy survival-adventure intellectual property, where players will be challenged to think, react and take risks that will directly affect themselves and those around them.

The game is currently scheduled for Spring 2011.

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Endless_X2899d ago

This a leaked trailer, I will update if Ubi remove the video.

zireno2899d ago

This is great news!! I'm hoping to see it at Sonys conference giving the fact that Ubisoft didn't even mention it, maybe an exclusive? to tell the truth I couldn't care less if it's multiplat or not as long as it does come out.

Conloles2899d ago

Looks good from the trailer but I'll hold my judgment till i see gameplay.

CrimsonFox132899d ago

I can't see it being an exclusive... Besides, Ubisoft seems to favor the 360 (see Conviction), sadly.

Is there any uncut gameplay footage? I would love to see it, I've been keeping my eye on this since it was first announced.

grailly2899d ago

hey! remember, PS3 got Haze! lol

UltraNova2899d ago

So are we going to control the falling buildings or the earthquake? It didn't make much sense now did it?

I m not sure if I'm kidding here hmmm...

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arakouftaian2899d ago

So I better not wach this, thanks anyways.

vhero2899d ago

I hate trailers that show absolutely nothing about a game like this you can't get the least bit excited.

mantisimo2899d ago

Even less about the protagonist than this 2 year old trailer from E3 2008.

Could have changed a lot. Looked interesting and still does but the lack of info and gameplay is worrying.

Lucreto2899d ago

Another 2011 release it is looking more and more likely spring 2011 will be like spring 2010 all over again.

TheAwesomessMan2899d ago

Hmm Interesting... very interesting.

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The story is too old to be commented.