Medal of Honor: 11 Minutes pure Multiplayer-Gameplay

Here are 11 minutes pure Multiplayer-Gameplay from the new Medal of Honor. Check the link for HD.

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captain-obvious2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

im getting this no matter what
it got the rung in gun just like MW
with some BF elements

a match made in gaming heaven
I just whish consoles get dedicated servers too

and yah just one last thing
i Hope dice wont kuck this up with updates
just like they did with BF:BC2 and 1.04

evrfighter2839d ago

I honestly don't know what to make of it. I pre-ordered my copy of MoH for pc during the pax event so I couldn't pass up the $29.99 price tag but this is eerily similar to mw2.

But then again. Had mw2 supported dedicated servers there probably would have never been any problems with it to begin with.

I got the beta code in my email already so I'll play it some and see if it has potential.

InfectedDK2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I'm getting this for my PS3 instead of Black Ops

deadpoole2839d ago

Im never gonna get any activision product again ... cuz first they have made exclusive deal with Microsoft to release their product first on it till 2012 and second their DLC cost $$$$$. PS3 should boycott activision for being complete AHOle.

DICE/EA take care of their loyal fans. There games doesnt suck ... look at BFBC2 and give tons of content for free.

Medal of Honor is looking one awesome game and gives everything what COD couldnt give in last 2 years.

Conloles2838d ago

Gonna be best multiplayer game on pc

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Inside_out2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Disappointed in both MOH and Black ops...I'm sure they will sell well BUT...

MW2 is incomparable...Respawn will own when they release there game...they have the secret formula I suspect, whatever that is...

coolcole932839d ago

Wtf are you talking about?

claterz2839d ago

Just looks like Battlefield with different maps.

2839d ago
BX812838d ago

I was really looking forward to this game but I'm kind of on the fence now. To me it just looks too much like BF. I really play games for the single player though. I love a good story driven game and MOH is one of my all time fav series.

GrieverSoul2839d ago

The character movement reminds me of Battlefield Bad Company 2.
The settings remind me of Modern Warfare 2.

These two elements combined seem really good!!!

I havent played MW2 for a long time but one thing that it does really well and it spoiled me is the KILLCAM. When MW2 was the hotest thing around you couldnt bash the game in anyway but now that hating the game is a trend I can finally came here and say that the single best feature in MW2 is the Killcam! Sure the gameplay is easy to pick up (arcade), sure it looks good (compared to multiplat titles), its matchmaking is good (when it works and doesnt put you in loosing team 5 seconds before ending), and so on and so on... but the KILLCAM is something unique!

NYPunk882837d ago

Tried to submit this video but was flagged because it's a duplicate story but this f**king link doesn't work.

Actual working link

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chak_2839d ago

looks sweet and all.

But I'm not confident in EA/Dice anymore. No patch, Dlc.... I dunno, BC2 decepted me a lot post release

BattleAxe2839d ago

Thats why I got rid of it last week. It doesn't look like its getting any new maps until the Vietnam Expansion in November.

As far as the gameplay, its BC 2.5 with the same game engine and everything.

SpLinT2839d ago

I uninstalled BFBC2 too. This game looks exactly the same as the all the other generic FPS modern bs. Make way for the Bulletstorm, Brink, and Singularity. Thanks.

Close_Second2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

...too slow for watching the whole thing. However, if they don't follow MW2's run'n'gun, casual gaming mentality then I want it!

Only negative...I'm not a fan of the visual style of the score/points that appear when you get a kill.

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