E3'10: Activision Press Conference Summary

[email protected] Writes: "Activision has secretly begun their conference. Take a look, take a peek, at what Activision has in store for you:"

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T9X692623d ago

E3 is a major let down so far this year. Hopefully Sony doesn't disappoint.

Conloles2623d ago

Activision can show off whatever the hell they want but theyre not getting a nickel out of me.

the-show-stopper2623d ago

i agree
this e3 isnt at all wat i hoped it would be
hopefully sony comes out and shows game after game
i dont mind move much
if they show some hardcore and casual games for it i wont mind as long as the move part doesnt take up half the conference

Blacktric2623d ago

They won't. Even if they didn't announce anything new I'd say okay this was a great conference. But if they announce something new like an exclusive Metal Gear or GTA IV or any sequel to some great franchise we knew my brain would explode.

CaptainMarvelQ82623d ago

EA all the way!

yesterday's Need4Speed's trailer was one of the best things for years!..i really mean it

EA'a got my respect again...i remember playing NFS:HP2 one of the best games ever

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tablav2623d ago

I loved the OLD THPS games, before the disaster that was American Wasteland. If they do go back to the old style, I might pick it up. It's not Skate, but it was still a lot of fun.

TheDeadMetalhead2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

So basically

-possibly good game
-sequel to a game that wasn't very good
-almost no games

F. Sounds as bad as MS' conference

the-show-stopper2623d ago

i cant get on the site
wat were the keynotes of the Activision conference?

TheDeadMetalhead2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

- DJ Hero 2
- New skateboarding game called Shred
- Guitar Hero #579277
- New True Crime game
- CoD7

Seriously, that's it.

ForROME2623d ago

I boycott anything they make because of who they are lead by, period