E3 2010 Day 2 Reactions - Meh

Mucu from gives us a run-down of what was witnessed at E3 on Monday. Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft - Did anyone truly impress today?

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interrergator2954d ago

was probably the best yesturday

Megaton2954d ago

They were. I had hoped for a Mass Effect 3 trailer, or even a teaser, but whatever. Was still good without it. Loved the Dead Space 2 stage demo, can't wait to see the 2nd half of it at Sony's conference.

maddhatter6172954d ago

me2 just came out like 3-4 months ago there was no way they would show 3 already. dead space is my second favorite game show with GRFS being first.

Mista T2954d ago

expect ME3 next year :)

Megaton2954d ago

Well they did say there would be a lot less time between ME2 and ME3 than there was between ME1 and ME2.

peeps2954d ago

yeh EA was certainly the best imo. Some good solid games shown and nice little announcements such as the MoH beta starting this week.

Ubisofts showed off some good stuff but too much kinect and fitness games for my liking. I guess it was some variety though.

Microsofts was the best put together but completely lacked content. A decent show but no real memorable moments or times when i got excited going 'omg' like in past years when MGR was unveiled and ff13 went multi

JsonHenry2954d ago

The reason no one is impressed is because everyone is ready for the next generation already. Even though some games have upped the bar (slightly) graphically most games look like they are 5 years old already. Why? Because the hardware running it is that old.

gtamike2954d ago

good video
I think M$ E3 was epic fail

Denethor_II2954d ago

Some good points are raised in this video, I think the gentlemen in this video pretty much feels like everyone else 'underwhelmed'.

360 man2954d ago

i disagree.

ghost recon was not meh

cody2oo2954d ago

Cant wait for it to finish with move :)

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