New Xbox 360 Design Hits Australia July 1 This Year


"Well the 360 ‘Slim’ rumours were true: there’s a newly designed Xbox 360 on its way and will be released to Aussies on July 1st, while the US will see it out this coming week.

According to our people at E3 ground zero the new sleek and shiny black Wi-Fi enabled 250 gig Kinect-ready SKU will be here by next month for purchase.

Don’t go dreaming of trading in your old systems to EB Games for the new unit though: they currently offer only AU$59 for your old Xbox 360 system and $9 for the 20gig HDD and $19 for the 60 gig HDD (yes, I checked). If you have a 2006 model don’t even bother coming in- they won’t take it (so my son is out of luck…)."

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DoctorXpro2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

At least MS didnt downgrade the console like sony did whit ps3 slim removing usb ports and other stuff.

gaminoz2896d ago

I agree. While a price cut would have been nice, the PS3 getting rid of the backwards compatibility etc. really pissed me off, so it was nice that the 360 keeps everything (except you can't use old HDDs, old memory units, or old power bricks- why would you want to though).

Majors2896d ago

They've removed the ability to plug your existing HDD into it & They've removed the memory card slots.. Hmm nothing removed ehh
Lets just hope they've put a bit research into the combined cpu/gpu so its stops overheating, But I doubt it as they've had more important things to chuck there money at ie Natal...

T9X692896d ago

Yea I know, I bought a $350 250GB PS3 Slim and cant even play a $4 PS2 game. What the shit is that.

vhero2896d ago

The slim didn't remove stuff? It had as many ports as the existing 80gb at the time. Only the 60gb and 120gb models had 4 USB ports and memory card slots. They had already redesigned the phat PS3 before the launch of the slim.

RedPawn2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Hey they went three models deep for consumers to get full PS2 player funtionality.

Why do think the God of War Collection came out, and other franchises soon to follow?

You never know they will probably start distributing PS2 games over PSN, so people can finally feel like they can move on.

And at least you had the time to get full BC, instead of using a bunch of shoddy patches to play a fraction of a library of games, that nobody plays.

dalibor2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Yet early adopters of the 360 got screwed out of HDMI port and now a system with internal wifi. If you really want two extra usb ports(even though usb expansion hubs do exist) or PS2 enabled PS3 get the 60gig. It's bad to add things as well as taking features off if you already bought the product. You get screwed either way really imo.

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BadCircuit2896d ago

It looks good but I don't think I will get one until later on.

gaminoz2896d ago

I actually really like the look. Aussies don't have to wait too long either, which is good.

I know some are saying it's a cross between Wii and Alienware PCs, but just like the shiny old PS3s (I have a 40 gig I kept because I like the shiny look and touch sensitive buttons too) this one appeals to me.

Crap about the trade in prices for old consoles though! EB Games give you nothing!

Still if you don't like the new model and don't have a 360 yet, the price savings for the old Elite is pretty good too!

PirosThe4th2896d ago

lol Australia's consoles prices are a ripoff... I bought my ps3 from japan and if i get a 360 one of those I'll get it from there too... Might be really cheap since nobody ever buys them in japan XD

Yeah i kept my 4ogb ps3 too the shiny looks owns the PS3 slim... PERIOD... I want another ps3 slim with shiny look... damn...

fireplace2896d ago

That's bad idea. Xbox 360 is region locked.

GrathiusXR2896d ago

We don't have to wait to long for this which is good I mean only 3 weeks until Australians can buy it.. Gives me ample time to save up money and trade in various games and hardware towards it.

Good this nothing has been downgraded like the PS3 Slim. We still have Backwards Compat, more USBs, whisper quiet fan, In built WiFi, and much more! Pumped!

Godem2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

im hoping EB have some decent trade in deal where i can pawn my dying 360 off and grab one of these!

edit: I know where my tax return is going!

gaminoz2896d ago

Did they do one when the PS3 slim came out? Just wondering.

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