GamesRadar: E3 2010: Our Reactions to the Microsoft Press Conference

You've read the bullet points. You've heard the announcements. You've seen the screens. What you need now is some perspective. What does Microsoft's press conference today mean for the future of the Xbox 360… and for the future of gaming?

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sombrero2866d ago

"And just to seal the deal, Microsoft giving out the redesigned 360 free to the US press predictably bent the needle on the E3 whoopometer"


Time Lord2866d ago

how can press conference that received such a negative reaction by most gamers get praised by most the people that got free 360.


Conloles2866d ago

Fastforward a year from now I want these motion controllers to all die and then they can finally release a new console.

DaCajun2866d ago

I bet Microsoft will add those free ones to the total number of 360s sold to help boost the numbers as much as they can.

I do love how they say that the new Kinect will work with the already existing 40 million 360 consoles out there. Huh? Don't they mean 40 million minus the 33% that RROD? Basically around 25 million that still might work.

Nike2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

"And just to seal the deal, Microsoft giving out the redesigned 360 free to the US press predictably bent the needle on the E3 whoopometer"


Are you freaking "journalists" so easy to buy out?!

Edit: No, seriously. I don't think we should just pan MS for giving out free XBox 360 S consoles (it's shady but not illegal). It's not like the journalists HAVE to accept it, but lo and behold, they do. And if this directly or indirectly influenced people's write-ups of the event, it shows complete and utter lack of credibility all around.

PLAYstar2866d ago

To praise the voice integration for navigational bar is Bull! It is so unnecessary! How difficult can it be to navigate everything with your controller? It's just a few push of buttons.. HOW HARD?

Maybe for the Americans is like a total need...
Heck I don't live in America, so I don't really know how their people living like, or how f*cking fatass they are.
Seriously you're that lazy and hopeless?

What if I'm mute?!! And I want to play my games, but I couldn't even get pass the navigate bar!

m232866d ago

I am surprised by how much the press are praising the Microsoft conference. I thought that they would attack them, even though I liked it. I know some people will say it's because they got free systems, but I don't think all these people got to go to the conference.

mantisimo2866d ago

Don't forget the milions of dollars each game/hardware company spends on advertising on these game sites every year, makes a free console look like lost change.

LeonSKennedy4Life2866d ago

Lol. Fanboys. It was a terrible conference! There's no denying that!

SOAD2866d ago

Definitely. The execution was just terrible and in hindsight the Cirque Du Soleil thing was just really wrong. It was not a good fit and not a proper way to re-introduce Natal as Kinect.

And MS has had years to create some full-fledged title for Kinect and they haven't shown anything. I'm hoping they have something up their sleeves right now, but I'm not holding my breath.

The core games looked fantastic though. Microsoft for some reason didn't really highlight Gears and Halo Reach and Fable 3 as much as they should have.

Bhai2866d ago

They knew natal/kinect with all the fake hype would not deliver, so they had to put fake trailers and actors in there. MS knew nothing new and big was there to be showed so they gave away free gifts just for some good words out to the public... MS is struggling uphill, no proper games, no deal :)


kenict beat sony's 2006e3 giant enemy crab defeat..

bjornbear2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

but not as hilarious as this!

whats more hilarious is you took the time to make an account based on a 4 year old fluke to compensate for your favorite companie's failure!

HAHA enjoy kinect spaz!

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