Ubisoft E3 Press Conference in One Sentence Reactions

Here's a summary of the best reactions for each Ubisoft 2010 reveal, summed up nicely in a sentence each.

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ubisoft did a better job than Microsoft that's for sure...

Conloles2835d ago

In what way Microsoft had about 3 good games compared to Ubisofts 2

ryuzu2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Yeah Ubi > MS this year but MS set the bar very low so that wasn't difficult lol.

Ubi are also desparate to sell their Wii games again with Kinect.

What I found irritating though were their gimmicks.

AC - Ok let's throw in some GoW style fighting and some cannon scenario - not really in keeping with AC is it.

GR - Let's ignore the semi-realistic/tactical near future setting, and just throw in a predator suit so we can match Crysis/Thief/AvP blah blah.

Driver - Ok, people don't like crashing, let's just come up with a lame reason why the guy can jump into a car anywhere in the city.

Why make completely different games and stick names of known franchises on them? It just leads to dissappointment for those who liked the franchise as it was.

And then there was Shaun White .... Skateboarding???? It just reminded me why I'd like a JSRF remake and what was with the flying through the air crap? Better off getting an ET license than linking it with a Tony Hawk wannabe.

Seems like marketing has won over gameply this year so far....


shikwan2835d ago

I'll go even further with Ghost Recon;

1. Way to kill off first person view! Should u change the name to Gears Recon?

2. Point blank headshots with an assualt rifle? REALLY? Where's the (realistic) gratuitous blood splatter (that the enemies should SEE if nearby? Why not pull out a knife or pistol? Well...I guess that would make it too similar to Splinter Cell & you'd have to call the game Team Splinter Cell or something.

3. This game should look like a beast graphically-considering dev time spent, etc. Graphics were on par with Operation Flashpoint. : |
Medal of Honor haad my attention more though I know it's another CoD clone.

morganfell2835d ago

Where is the original GiantEnemyCrab. He isn't showing his face it seems.

vickers5002835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Uhh, no. Ubisoft's was HORRIBLE, and just plain embarrassing. Microsofts was just plain boring, but Ubisofts was the absolute worst conference ever held. Ghost Recon looked pretty bad ass, and assassin's creed brotherhood looked okay, but the rest of the conference was the biggest fail of any conference that has taken place.

At least Microsoft showed a decent amount of actual games. Sure, they are all stuff we've seen before, but they're not as bad as Ubisoft's LAME ASS laser tag game, or their Michael Jackson game (of which they showed absolutely NO gameplay, and instead, some crappy dance number), or some pointless "breathing" game. Not to mention Shaun Whites crappy new game.

I know it's the cool thing to hate Microsoft, but their conference is definitely not the WORST. If you think MS conference was worse, you obviously did not watch Ubisofts.

bjornbear2835d ago

Ubi had some epic points and some low points...

epic: Shaun White skateboarding ( felt like I was watching tony hawks pro skater 2 remake =D)

Ghost Recon =D

Driver!: SA!!

fail: INNERGE (sounds wrong)
the lazer tag game (facepalm)

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Lucreto2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

I liked Child of Eden at the very start and I noticed he was wearing white gloves at the end. Does Kinetic need something white to focus on to work properly?

Xi2835d ago

Trackmania's been around for ages.

bub162835d ago

i liked the main host man, he was cracking some funny jokes

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