Mass Effect 3 pulls in over 1,000 variables from Mass Effect 2

Joystiq writes "We'll have an interview with Mass Effect chief Casey Hudson for you soon, but we wanted to give you this interesting little tidbit from the interview. Hudson says, "We're pulling in probably over a thousand variables from Mass Effect 2 into Mass Effect 3 if you're importing your save game.""

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Myst2620d ago

This is why I am taking my time thus far and doing everything 100%, so I won't have to do what I had to with ME1. Which was going back through the game.

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Xof2620d ago

Bioware has never managed to fully capture the whole "consequence" aspect player-choice. I imagine Mass Effect 3 will be no different, and play out along the same very narrow path no matter what you choose to do in the game--only branching out at the very end.

So went Baldur's Gate II, Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 (well, not really), Jade Empire and Knights of the Old Republic.

This whole notion of "1000 variables carry over!" sounds well and good, and certainly does manage to build up hype for the product... but don't get too excited over the execution. More likely than not, it'll be similar to Mass Effect 2, where almost all of the choices end up effecting little more than a radio broadcast or an email message.

That said, I imagine the big choices (the ones so many fans seem to think will drastically alter the structure and nature of the narrative....) will be a bit bigger: I think they'll open up sidequests. If you meet the requirements, you'll have access to a special quest: if not, you won't.

Honestly, I'll love Mass Effect 3 so long as it does two things: adds some depth to the Reapers... any depth, at all (they couldn't possibly be any more one-dimensional at this point) and to maintain the same level of quality writing as in Mass Effect 2. With the interrupt system intact, it'll be awesome. But I worry about the fans who are expecting too much... Mass Effect simply will not, ever, deliver the multiple story-routes so many players are expecting. That kind of storytelling is possible in only a few formats: visual novels, very short stories (ala the Way of the Samurai series) and, with an absurd amount of time and effort, old 2D RPGs. A cinematic 3D RPG of the Mass Effect breed will never have a branching storyline. Your choices will never have an effect on the narrative until the very end--where you'll be given a choice of three or four different endings, if your lucky.

Modern games simply aren't built to do that. The next best thing is to have choices with far-reaching consequences that don't directly influence the main story... which I've only ever seen done in the Witcher.

SOAD2619d ago

Wait till next gen. Their ambitions will grow.

JoySticksFTW2619d ago

You might be right, but I was happy to start off with a rich character in ME2 and was extra pumped to meet up with my old fried Wrex (I kept him alive in ME1).

When Grunt says a certain Krogan you were with is dead and Wrex casually says "Of course he's dead. You're with Shepard."; that made my day, feeling all warm and bada$$ inside

In ME2, I REALLY felt the pressure to get everyone through a certain mission alive, and I played Paragon to the fullest. Humanity's gonna need a hero that the galaxy can trust. :)

So I'm glad that they're putting a greater emphasis on player decisions this time around

000000000000000000012619d ago

I'm still playing Mass Effect 2. Great game! Sure getting my moneys worth! It will be hard waiting for Mass Effect 3.

Acquiescence2619d ago

I made it with that skinhead chick in my playthrough, which I eventually did regret. Should have gone for Tali. I like 'em bird shaped.

lochdoun2619d ago

Love this game. Best dialogue system I've ever seen. Hope 3 has more RPG elements to it.

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