The Day the Gaming Industry Died: Impressions from E3 2010

This week is maybe the biggest of the year in the world of entertainment. This is when all of the games you'll be playing for the next twelve months are unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. This year's event, however, will more likely be remembered as the precise moment video gaming as we know it died a tragic and embarrassing death.

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sixaxis2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

If you don't have time to read, let me sum up the death of the video game industry in one animated gif

"I mean, how else are you going to do those things? It also has video chat. You know, like Chatroulette. Yes, in just a few short months your child, too, can see a stranger masturbating on your 58-inch plasma"

so true... mmm, "58-inch plasma".... cool


"So saying "XBox, stop" will stop your movie, and waving your hand will presumably make it skip ahead. Awesome! Nothing can go wrong with that, as long as you remember to stay perfectly still and silent while your movie is playing"

mantisimo2687d ago

The black fellow at the conference he daren't use his hands or arms at all when he was talking, it looked like they had been roped down.

"pass me a beer love while......*movie stops*.....oh sh!* wait let me start it again, no, no not that scene, there that's..ah lovely a beer...*takes beer* Sh!t ok don't move forget the frickin beer *phone rings* Hello Bernie....*movie stops* Sh!t sh!t sh!t..... Oh bugger this lets go to the cinema."

GrieverSoul2686d ago

Oh dude!! So true!! I noticed that too. He was afraid of moving because that would screw up the presentation. Also, is it me or you have to get a humonguous living room for your body to fully appear on screen avatars?!

I dont really like this voice activated things! Its like we have to control ourselves in order to not say those words while watching.

Hideo_Kojima2686d ago

Don't forget to turn of the Xbox...

*Xbox closes without saving your game*

user13372686d ago

Yeah noticed. I am assuming there are select commands that it recognises as long as the word "xbox" is put in front of it. So just waying pause wont pause it. As for the hand motion, yeah that could be an issue if it responds to small gestures. What if I was just stretching?

Hideo_Kojima2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

if you raise your hand to scratch your head the volume will go up and everyone will hear the porn you were playing on mute while everyone was sleeping.

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ravinash2686d ago

All of a sudden picking up the remote and pressing pause doesn't seem like such a chore now.

sikbeta2686d ago

WTF this article talking About... Damn it, total nonsense...

Just Wait For Sony E3 Conference...

HOSe2686d ago

the hardcore gamer belongs on the pc. sony/ms/nintendo? have their head up their asses at the moment

Hideo_Kojima2686d ago

PS3 is hardcore enough.
Unless you like RTS games PS3 does a good enough job.

Corrwin2686d ago

Yes, games like Solitaire, Bejewelled, and Farmville which are the most played games on PC prove hardcore games belong on PC!

I don't think World of Warcraft, or the Sims (the most popular traditional PC games) are even in the top 5.

You are not the PC gaming crowd as 70% of the PC gaming crowd is playing games at work.

Kurylo3d2686d ago

all the games that are earning game of the year and all that on console.. and best multiplayer on console.. have been done 15 years ago on pc. I just hope you realize that lol.

RXL2686d ago

The title is a bit too much..

really?..the day the gaming industry died?..

grow up....Microsoft doesn't have that kind of pull.

Kurylo3d2686d ago

anyone with money has pull. Even if they arent in the gaming industry. If you have money for marketing, you will sell more. Thats why 360 sells a hell of a lot more games. Marketing power. Sony doesnt do marketing of their products well.

Dread2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Interesting article.

I agree mostly

i do not like how the industry is trying to abandon the hardcore. This is true for both Sony and Ms, and it has been true for Nintendo for years now.

I hope we (hardcore gamers) dont get marginalized.

Here at N4G we are all bickering about what console is better, but missing the big picture. Do we seriously care if kenect is better than move or vise versa?
I mean, i cant imagine playing with either one (other than for a few minutes as a fun gimmick). and if they make Halo Kenect and/or Uncharted Move I'll have a coniption.

i think we should set aside our differences, and start worrying about the future of the hardcore. Lets come together and start supporting hardcore gaming in general regardless of what console you prefer.


gillri2686d ago


and the hardcore gamer doesnt belong on the PC at all, the console has just as much hardcore titles but it also has alot more casual stuff

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