Crazy Mike's Apps - Pocket Devil: Hell Yeah Review

Crazy Mike's Apps:

Every now and then you come across an iPhone app that gives you more than you expect. Pocket Devil: Hell Yeah! by the developers at Eyedip is an iPhone app that truly gives you more than you would expect. The targets are the Mugat2’s! These are custom made devil creatures you can make to look like yourself, someone you love, or not so much. Once you establish your Mugat2’s look begin to create and torture. There are many different ways you can lead these little evil fellows to their doom, one of my personal favorites is the guillotine. But, be creative, there are pitchforks, cannons, electric chairs, Mugat2 flesh eating rats (really big ones) and much more. Regardless the way you choose to harm the little Mugat2’s remember it is all in fun! These little evil fellows are inside an app on your iPhone that is meant for a little pleasure.

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