Hideo Kojima's Hilarious Encounter With Sony at E3

He may have flown in on a private jet, but the creator of Metal Gear still needs a wrist band to get into Sony's press conference.

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xHarvey2621d ago

I'm laughing too I don't know why though. Couldn't they give it to him so he can put it in his pockets or something ? then wear it tomorrow?

fr0sty2621d ago

if they did that, people would be selling the wristbands on ebay. they're strict about it, but understandably.

GrieverSoul2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Its Kojima! We know who he is but the security guy at the entrance doesnt know who he is so why shouldnt he wear a wristband? Its not that big of a deal.

I really admire Kojima and Im a big fan of his work but this is a little bit of a "but... but... Im a celebrity in this business" type of thing.

Anyway, he may of not liked it but he is wearing and it goes to show that in the end he understand why he must wear it. If it was such a big deal like some people are making it he simply wouldn wear it!

Hideo_Kojima2621d ago

I agree.

Who knows that the security guard will be able to recognize him.
Also what if a look alike goes there would you definitely be 100% sure he is not an impersonator?

Its funny though as if they have branded him :P

Christopher2621d ago

This is actually very normal. Unless you're presenting, people tend to have to get these wrist bands. Note, the ONLY reason he has to wear it overnight is because he decided to get his pass yesterday instead of today.

Hideo_Kojima2620d ago


The Lazy One2620d ago

I'm not surprised they made him put it on for the reasons above, but how is Kojima not a VIP?

He should be able to walk around the convention nude.

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Rainstorm812621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

I find it funny that Kojima flirts with MS then runs back to Sony.......Two Days in a row i might add.

"Just like snake passed the torch in MGS2, im passing the torch for MGS:R"

HeroComplex2621d ago

This was a genius move by Sony. Force Kojima to wear a bracelet that has the Playstation name for all to see during his evening shmoozing with media/celebrities/VIP's. Much better than Microsoft advertising in hotel bathrooms. LOL

captain-obvious2621d ago

"Much better than Microsoft advertising in hotel bathrooms."

have a BBL man

bub162620d ago

if i was at e3 i would have no idea who he was. if he had no wrist band on, security and other people will always be questioning him, its easier to just give him 1, hassle free

flyingmunky2621d ago

Well at least he was not asked to put on a white tunic and look like some guy out of the KKK. Yeah I know it was a low blow but somebody had to say it lol.

ozhuerta2621d ago

Man, you speak the truth

sikbeta2621d ago

white tunic?

Oh, you mean the Spaceponchos... XD

The Dark Knight2621d ago

How dare they do that to kojima. Marge, get my gun

Jack-Pyro2621d ago

I thought you preferred knives....guns are too quick, you can't savor all the little emotions you feel when your killing someone with a gun.

=D *hands you a potato peeler instead*

simplyRealistic182621d ago

Lmao, bubbles up for making me laugh jack lol

FamilyGuy2621d ago

He shouldn't have to wear one at all, let alone a full day in advance.

At least he was given the option to get it the next day waiting in a "20 minute line" for a second time. I doubt it would have even been a 20 minute wait as most got theirs on this day.

dead_eye2621d ago

no one is above the wrist band. every artist at a music festival has to wear one same thing here.

Dee_912621d ago

cmon .. wear a long sleeve shirt or something

NeutralGamer2621d ago

Wow they treat him like shit after everything his done for Sony and the image of Playstation?


ViciousBoston2621d ago

What are you talking about? ITS A WRISTBAND. IT ISN'T A CROSS. For the love of god such an overreact. Like it was stated before security for these events isn't gaming industry its private sequrity. Everyone and anyone needs to have proper tags to get anywhere at E3. Even Microsoft had laniards.

NeutralGamer2621d ago


He have to wear a wristband or wait 20 minuttes of dont?

They should atleast have a VIP acces area where he could come in directly...

PS3 fans are too cocky now.. Forgetting who made the PS3!


You make it sound like they gave him the scarlet letter or the star of david. It's a damn wristband.

Kurylo3d2621d ago

its free advertising for sony. They want people to know they got kojima in their back pocket still. Its all just a power play.

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Kamikaze1352621d ago

The conference is pretty long. I'm sure he'll sit in the audience till it's his time to go up and speak. IF he speaks at all.

RatFuker2621d ago

that hideo kojima is one cool dude, dresses in style to with those aligator boots. kojima ftw!

mrv3212621d ago

Every time he looks down and remembers the past and the great games he produced on a Sony platform... he has a flashback to SpacePoncho and all of Microsoft Kinect show, he runs out of the dinner crying 'I'm sorry sony, SOOOOONNNY' And then he goes to the Sony press confrence and announces he'll stop his involvement in Rising and work on MGS 5 with MLAA and Guerilla Engine.

SOAD2621d ago

Yeah, why did that receptionist treat him with such disrespect? He fucking created MGS. He doesn't need to wear that stupid thing.

yewles12621d ago

*old Jewish Brooklynite voice*