E3 Analysis: The Xbox 360 Is The Game Console To Beat

Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 and the awkwardly named Kinect add-on is the video game technology to beat in 2011 and beyond. There is always a chance that you will have to eat your words when you make such a bold statement, but there is no doubt that Kinect looks great, that it has a solid foundation for launch, that it has massive funding, a compelling strategy and lots of scaling room. Microsoft got it absolutely right this time.

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HighDefinition2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

What would give ANYONE that impression is beyond me.

Damn, I forgot.....FREE 360.

Droid Smasha2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Halo Reach, Gears 3, Fable 3, Forza 4, ESPN for the dudebros and then Kinect for the soccer moms and kids. MS reached every market in one conference. Dont try that at home kids MS are professionals at this.

ArcFatalix2954d ago

that wsa kinect for forza 3

mrv3212954d ago

Halo: Reach we've already been playing
Gears 3.... already been announced
Fable 3 already been announced.

ESPN.... ermm Internet Browser is better.

And Kinect just sucks.

So Forza 4 is the only thing to be excited for.... and then GT5 will destroy it.

RatFuker2954d ago

gran turismo 5, the chrome wheeled fuel injected real driving simulator will P. A. W. N. forza.

HolyOrangeCows2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

You really think Soccer moms are gonna pay $300 for a 360/Kinect bundle when they can buy the Wii for $100 less?

The console to beat? AHAHAHAHAHA!!

morganfell2954d ago

It's Kinect. The Windows ME of motion controllers.

juniordee2954d ago

Why do people keep thinking it was Forza 4 they showed...and then we wonder where those articles get their false information from.

Redrum0592954d ago

I have to admit, the new xbox design looks sexy like an alienware pc. But no new exclusives is a huge downer.
ps. That's not forza4 it's forza3 with kinect integration.

DMason2954d ago

Something tells me Sony is going to promote Move similarly as to how MS did today. But something also tells me that its going to go over a lot better on this site. Somehow it will be "amazing", "innovative" and "holy crap my pants".

I just dont understand how people can bash one system for motion controls, saying it rips off the eyetoy, but then turn a blind eye when Sony completely rips off the Wii. Am I missing something here, because if so, Id like to be informed. Someone please explain the double standard, Im all ears.

Killjoy30002954d ago

The difference is Sony is actually delivering to their core audience with a royal flush of top notch first party exclusive games while MS is completely diverting their efforts away from the hardcore demographic and focusing more on the casual gamers. Whereas Microsoft is digressing towards one group of people, Sony is doing a fantastic job catering to both.

morganfell2954d ago

Mason, MS ripped off the Eyetoy and managed to have a product that is worse. Years to improve the tech and we get bad lag, no accuracy, a device that saps the 360s processing power, and shovelware titles.

Oh look, voice commands for ESPN. Yeah, SOCOM 1 did voice commands.

BTW, exactly how in the ESPN presentation did the video know to back up just to the precise point where the guy started running the touchdown. Oh wait, I forgot it's Microsoft, the kings of prerecorded fakery.

Ju2954d ago

As much as I would want to agree with the general opinion here (which seams to say MS sucked), I wouldn't be surprised if MS strategy worked.

The new console looks sexy, I have to admit it. I might finally get one (I think I said that millions times before and still don't have a 360, though). That name "Kinect" needs some getting used to, but so are a lot of new names. Not sure if I would buy that, though. Want to see the price. $100+ is too much. Maybe later.

The demos were quite nice, even though I think they were staged. But they can't just lie to us. These games must work to some extend. If they do, they (or some of them) bring new ideas to the table. The motion recognition seems to work much better then EyToy's. I think, however, it won't work for everything. They sure copied _everything_ the Wii offers (incl. the balance board / fitness program).

We'll see how Sony will counter that. I think Sony will go more real with Move, that is, real game play, not just fake staged demos. This might be a disadvantage. Honesty never pays off in marketing. Unless is so convincing, that it doesn't really matter. We shall see.

But even then, without new HW Sony just has another motion controller (even for us hard core I would say the better one). I'm still excited, I hope we'll get more. When is Sony's conference ? Can't wait.

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Nike2954d ago

Microsoft's conference was most disappointing, but it wasn't completely terrible by any means. It's just I find no logic in having a separate conference for Kinect, and then showing the exact same games at the one meant for hardcore gamers. There should have been more reveals and exclusives, or at least more gameplay footage of the titles that were good. Kinect ruined it for me.

I like the new 360 S design, but I am totally against their distributing free consoles "on the house". It smacks of nothing but shadiness, whether they knew people would be unenthused by Kinect or not.

Rainstorm812954d ago

that was the part all core gamers thought while watching the presss conf.

Why the hell did Kinect have an event on Sunday if 2/3rds of the presser is going to be about it. Even worse Kinect has a showing tomorrow as well on nickelodeon and Mtv.

MS IMHO doesnt have many core games to show they stuck with what they knew. seems like 06-07 all over again(Gears, Fable, Halo, Forza)

sixaxis2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

did ya guys also see lag when they drove a car using natal?


I didn't see that, but there are people saying it is a montage, or in other words, not real or fake the demo:


PyReX-2954d ago

especially with kinect /s
they are already advertising..

Traveler2954d ago

I think Microsoft's conference was pretty decent, but I think we need to wait for Sony's before we take all this crap too far. Sony might knock it out of the ballpark or they might disappoint. No one really knows.

Tony-A2954d ago

In all seriousness..... it's not gonna be hard to out-do the Microsoft conference at all.

All Nintendo really has to do is show what 3DS can do and show us a new Zelda and it's a sealed deal for them

All Sony has to do is show off all those exclusives and what PSN+ is capable of and it's in the bag.

Right off the bat, Sony revealed more big exclusives than Microsoft, and that was before it even started.

The ones that (should have) stood out at the conference were Gears, Fable and Halo.

What Sony has shown already were SOCOM 4, MotorStorm Apocalypse, inFamous 2, LBP2, Killzone 3, Ape Escape 4 and Yakuza 4.

DigitalAnalog2954d ago

Along with the Cirque du Soleil...

-End statement

menoyou2954d ago

PS3 already beat 360 a week before E3 even started. They showed more games last week than 360 has in its entire year lol.

Inside_out2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

The casual gamer influence kids...some people just want to relax and have kids need a little Kinect

@Droid...well said...I think what Billy Crystal said was awesome and exactly what Kinect is about...

Good presentation from M$...wish I was there to get a free xbox...

I really thought Gears was going multi-plat this time?...Gears brought the house down...those guys in competition with them selves...Bulletstorm was sic as well...Crysis surprised me...lots of details....

Sony and Nintendo next...really hoping Sony puts some effort this year...I wonder what surprise they might have?...Hope they run KZ3 in game, then we can compare...Res 3 this year???...Maybe they picked up a Microsoft exclusive or 2 ( Mass effect...gears... )...can't wait...Nintendo and there ds crap...

@digitalAnalog...still complaining huh...we YOU said, you can't masturbate with Kinect so its a story...

PLAYstar2954d ago

Sympathy to those who have been deceive, M$ should be sue for showing fake product to the target audience(The fools) into believing them. A Game Console to beat? More like a game console to be forgotten and forever be erase in history. M$ have brought in scandals into the gaming community pouring black ink on clean sheets! I demand justice to be serve! They have fool the foolishness much, and I have seen enough. It's up to us who got brains to save the fools out from M$ scamming trickery!

wages of sin2954d ago

Microsoft has a solid core audience and it isn't turning away from them so I don't see what the big deal is. I like the multi-media features and I think the games they showed looked fun to play; especiall with for with my wife and kid. Child of Eden really caught my eye though. But I forgot, it's not considered "hardcore". A term that has been used incorrectly by angry, entitled brats.

vhero2954d ago

Forza 4 wasn't even announced! Was the press conference THAT bad you now have to make up games to make the console sound better?? Somebody here obviously is so excited about getting a new console he praising MS this is partly the effect MS wanting from giving out 360s for free. However the problem is everybody knows what they did so ignore all positive comments so in turn giving out free 360's has a negative effect!

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KILLERAPP2954d ago

This is just as pathetic as sad as I ever seen the media be, defending MS with tooth and nails until the very end, face it MS lost this year and I can’t see next year been any better since gears, halo and cod are dead…

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BryanBegins2954d ago

God of War 3 says hello... Just to name this one!

Anon19742954d ago

"Kinect: If you think it is about games, you are wrong."

So you think 360 owners are going to line up to pay $150-200 to what? Pause a video with a command instead of a button press?

"Let’s be realistic. Microsoft has fully delivered on its promise of Project Natal and Kinect looks great."

Is this a joke? Does this site know something that we don't? Because I watched the Kinect demonstrations and I didn't see a single thing that would justify paying $150-200 for this camera attachment for a console I hardly play anymore. There's a reason why the 360 is now suffering from 4 quarters of year on year declines, why console revenue is falling, why software revenue is falling and why Microsoft admits that 3rd party development has dropped off. And guess what? A camera attachment so I can play laggy party games or wave at my menus instead of pressing a button isn't going to change a damn thing.

The author of this article is delusional.

m232954d ago

This article/author is going to get destroyed by some people if it gets approved. Personally I'm super excited for Gears and Reach, and a bit interested in Kinect.

Godmars2902954d ago

Talking about a low benchmark.

SOAD2954d ago

Like I said Microsoft would do best just to hire some third party company to create CG target renders of Xbox 3 games. That would stealthily announce that the Xbox 3 will be out some time in the future and the renders will look great and exciting. Too bad Microsoft chose to focus more on the casual side, which wasn't bad if that's what they were going for but they didn't really excite me with anything other than Halo Reach and Gears 3 and Crysis 2 which I already knew about. Microsoft needs more first party studios other wise they are not going to go far.

Godmars2902954d ago

Most direct 360 titles are CG. Halo was CG the first time anyone saw them. The main reason their E3 presentations come off as being some semi-sleazy marketing firm is because an outside marketing firm actually does it.

SOAD2954d ago

I don't think Halo was CG. Unless you're talking about CE, which I don't know if it was.

Traveler2954d ago

I agree with you that they need more first party studios. I think they underestimate how important that is for distinguishing your brand. In all honesty they have done pretty well considering how few studios they own, but they would be doing amazing if they had a few more solid studios under their wings.