IGN: E3 2010: New Xbox 360 250GB Unboxing Video

Editor Erik Brudvig unboxes Microsofts new Xbox 360 console, showing off its new features and slimmer look.

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hoolesy2626d ago

....Oh my god it still has a disc tray! And still no blu-ray! It's such a shame. But I guess with such a huge base already, how can they have 2no. disc formats running. Cost nightmare for all developers. It's a shame :o(

GreenRingsOfLife2626d ago

I'm so happy the 360 will FINALLY have WiFi!

Imtey2626d ago

Lol, notice RingS of life, not Ring...

Dissapointed that the console retains the fugly power brick, i swear its grown lol....

mrv3212626d ago

Last console this generation not to get WI-FI... I still believe it's the only console not to have WI-FI as standard.

Are Microsoft going to keep making the old models?

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vhero2626d ago

NO HD cables at all... Another way MS can make a crap load of money the official component cables are quite expensive.

muzikjunkie802626d ago

im sorry i just have to ask but did u get a hd cable with ur ps3? coz i didnt with my ps3 so ur point being?

Hanif-8762626d ago

I'm sick and tired of hearing people complaining about it not featuring a Bluray player but please tell me how they'd do it for games? Thus, alienating their 40 million dvd9 users. Does that sound smart or should i say logical to you sir?

Raf1k12626d ago

A BluRay player is capable of playing DVDs so I don't see how it would alienate DVD9 users.

edhe2626d ago

because dvds can't play blu-ray, smartipants.

tinybigman2626d ago

i just can't believe it took them 4 freaking years to finally become almost like a complete ps3 with the way it's built.

Red-Dead-Roar2626d ago

look like it's been hit with a sledgehammer. and the biggest brick ever... lol.
and it HAS to stand up-right? that won't fit in any stereo rack...

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PLAYstar2626d ago

Oh IGN, I see you got your goodie bag.

rob60212626d ago

Yea but the free swag doesn't effect them, they're above all influence.


ElementX2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

Well, journalists always receive free hardware and software to review. Do you think all those sites pay for their stuff? They just received review copies.

mrv3212626d ago

Giantbomb bought most of their stuff :P

Arnon2626d ago

Looks neat. Picking it up tomorrow.

Close_Second2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago ) looks great. When Sony released their revamped PS3 it looked cheaper than its bigger counterpart. The 360 slim is a glossy beast that does not look like its skimped on anything in terms of looks.

I really like having USB ports on the back and wish Sony would do the same thing.

Now, if they have free on-line play I'd pick one up but with 5 people (my wife, my 3 kids and myself) in my household that would want to play on-line (using their own profile)...well, the cost soon adds up.

littletad2626d ago

Model is still the best imo. The only thing i feel jealous about is the updated wireless N the new sku's are rumored to be having.

edhe2626d ago

confirmed, you mean.

wireless N specced at 300 mbps.

Red-Dead-Roar2626d ago

how many people have a 300 mbit wireless internet connection anyway...?

vhero2626d ago

Sonys looked cheaper but it WAS cheaper. This is the same price as existing console and include wifi which is all well and good but to be fair it would have cost them about 2 dollars to put that into the console. As for the Hard drive.. well they been ripping consumers off on the HDD's for years.

Close_Second2626d ago

...however, I am probably wrong, but did the HDD he pulled out in the vid have its own proprietary case meaning you can only use MS approved HDDs?

littletad2626d ago

Believe I bought a new 360 4 months ago. Sigh. Oh well, I'm upgrading my ps3's 60gb hardrive. 500gb it is. I don't think owing a new 360 console will be really necessary, at least for now. So those are my "upgrades" for now.