E3: Last minute Sony predictions

Day 1 of E3 is over. Hands down, Electronic Arts’ conference showed the best “stuff.” Speaking of certainties, Microsoft’s conference was, at times, hard to watch. With this said, Sony has about 12 more hours until they hit the stage. How they could do any worse than Microsoft is a serious question. But with 12 hours to go, here are last minute predictions of what to expect from Sony’s corner.

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riderofpl4gues2960d ago

Microsofts press conf=biggest FAIL ever

emk20042960d ago

the press conference was bad but i dont know about ever. sony 2006 with the giant enemy crab and RIDGE RACER were pritty bad, and lets not forget nintedo 08

BenCrazy4242960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )


Edit: Yea, sony's press conference is going to be way better than this. Many exclusives, Move, and possible new psp. This video is still funny though, the comment reminded me of this.

PLAYstar2960d ago

Ya however those jokes gave us a good laugh.. While this M$ conference not only leave a bad rotten sour taste in our mouth, it even got us nearly grow maggots.. Its dead boring!

GrieverSoul2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

The sad part for me was that the games MS showed were only 3!

Fable 3
Halo Reach
Gears of War 3

Everything else was multiplat. I think they relayed too much on Kinect and failed miserably.

But one thing we have to take into consideration. We are not the target audience for Kinect. Maybe thats why we bash its press conference. MS should of place themselves in both territories but than again the quantity of hardcore games was really embarassing. Im not trashing these 3 games, they will be great. But only 3 games in the horizon on the X360?! Man...

UltraNova2960d ago



I must admit Sony's 2006 E3 presentation was the funniest I've seen.

MS's 2010 was disappointing and stale not even funny..

Some hours left for Sony's turn, I'll be watching with my critical eye Sony!

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dinkeldinkse2960d ago

I didn't watch any of Microsoft's conference, but I can't see it being that bad.

deafwing2960d ago

click the link below .. scrub to 01:23 .. and endure the horror lolz

kylebarreira2960d ago

lol watch it. just watch it lol. yoga!!!!!!

jjohan352960d ago

Dude I would not mind if Sony's entire presentation is a stand-up routine from Kev Butler!

Sony Fiend2960d ago

I'd love that actually, with the gaes Sony have already announced pre-E3 that would be a huge win for them.

ARBitrator2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

After hearing all of the banter about MS press conference I watched if after I got home from work and to be honest with you I liked it.

I really don't know why everyone keep saying that MS conference was the worst ever and what not. (95% being know PS3 fanboys, so ah...anyway.)

Also, I can definitely see myself having lots of fun using Kinect with my wife and other couples that we hang out it. The dance central game looked fun and cool.

So I guess judging these conferences incorporate lots of opinion and obviously lots of simple hatred for the competition.

I'm sure I'll enjoy both sony and nintendo's as well. Sometime people act like spoiled babies, "they didn't show what I wanted to see so it sucked!"


Edit: One more thing, Kevin Butler is pretty cool, but some of you guys are just d!ck riding him just a little too

maddhatter6172960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

yup blame fanboys for all of the bashing Ms is getting lets just ignore all the articles from gaming sites saying the same things as the gamers. the only ones who seem to have liked it were 360 fanboys surprise surprise. so the real question is if EVERYONE except 360 fanboys(the people who would have loved anything MS showed) were unimpressed logic would tell most it wasn't that great.

clarkdef2960d ago

Wow dude your a major tool hahaa

deafwing2959d ago

if sony pulls off some Nintendo WII shite out of their black box arses, I will give them equal amounts of bashing

Dragun6192960d ago

I think anything Sony does in their conference will be better than MS Conference especially if Sony doesn't focus half their show on Motion control games.

They played it smart and showed off a few of PS Move's line up and capabilities at GDC, while they built up the hype for their Presentation for E3 by announcing LBP2, K3, Motorstorm 3, Infamous 2. Sony must have plenty of things to announce and show off to do all of the things said above. Hopefully, Gameplay trailers for The last Guardian, Agent, and Final Fantasy XIII Versus.

sgw_dec0y2960d ago

I agree and disagree.. they showed WAY too much of Kinect and not enough hardcore stuff.

k4rma2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Ive been all over the gaming sites this morning, and its pretty clear most of the core gamers / consumers like us, think Kintect is a big steaming pile of horse shit.

So its astounding to read positive write-ups coming from some sites like 1UP and IGN. Seems like those free 360 bribes worked a treat for some of the press that were there.

Anyway, since i'm an xbox gamer, I'm kinda hoping Sony don't follow suit, because right now, the last place i want to be looking for my games fix is on MS's re-imagined casual console.

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KILLERAPP2960d ago

Exactly what he said is what Sony is is going to give us…

despair2960d ago

yea they probably got it right...well hopefully anyway.

richard9192960d ago

syphon filter pleaaassee

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