PlayStation Home Down For Maintenance Tuesday, Big News On the Way?

PlayStation Home Community Specialist Locust_Star has just informed the community that the social gaming service will be down for maintenance this Tuesday right around the time Sony’s press conference begins. Hm…

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-Alpha2810d ago

That's what they said when PSN went down about a week ago.

Though, Home is set to get an upgrade (out of beta this year). But that's what they said about PSN too lol.

Regardless, I hope that Sony is going to overhaul the PSN. It's their weakest aspect and after seeing MS do barely anything to upgrade LIVE this year with features Sony has the ability to outdo LIVE and become a more significant service.

We will see Tuesday I guess

jdktech20102810d ago

ESPN is pretty huge if you ask me...I'm a fan of it but I see what your saying.

Overall, they left it alone which was surprising

-Alpha2810d ago

ESPN IS good news, but not something every LIVE user will use. That's not necessarily a problem, but the fact that they added nothing else except LIVE features that are used through Kinect that are already available on the PS3 (Video chat for example) just adds to the disappointment.

And though it's success is unknown, OnLive has features that should be adopted by XBL already. For example, brag clips (recording the last X amount of seconds of a game you played).

I expected some big features for LIVE, especially after hearing they cut the support for the original LIVE, which was supposed to allow the 360 LIVE to grow.

I think PSN has a chance to prove themselves well on the PSN front. Online is MS's territory and Sony can capitalize on it this E3 if PSN+ delivers.

despair2810d ago

the funny thing is that none of the video stuff matters to many persons outside the US, we in the Caribbean can't access any of the ESPN or Movies or anything like that from Live or PSN, so that part is complete waste to me, just remember this is worldwide not just United States.

Tony-A2810d ago

They did say that about PSN, but then again, PSN doesn't have a specific down time while Home does.

Home goes down on the Wednesday night (basically Thursday) every week, with content added every two weeks. This time they're doing things in time for E3. I don't know what it is, but hopefully some cool stuff will come out of it.

AAACE52810d ago

That can only mean PSN premium is on the way!

Snoogins2810d ago

My money's on (not literally, I doubt I'll fork a penny) Home having PSN+ exclusive content, such as media streaming and clubs. Part of me dreads the announcement tomorrow. I doubt Sony will suddenly begin charging for online play, especially since it's one of the features constantly advertised, but many of the most frequently requested items will probably fall into the premium.

BkaY2810d ago

and i will welcome it....

@alpha ... with all due respect i have to disagree with you about psn to be the weakest link... i dont think its weakest .. v hav music, demo, add on, movies, ps1 titles, minis etc... most of all its FREE!...

to me HOME is the weakest ... its still boring TBH

only thing i hate about psn is its not "ONE PSN".. like psn-us gets stuff weeks before Euro psn, psn-j get some exclusive titles.. and price difference as well..


bobdog6262810d ago

Might not be today Snoogins but someday they will.You can count on it.

BkaY2810d ago

i am pretty sure that normal psn will be free..

couple of months ago it was quite a hot topic..


SpLinT2810d ago

The only thing Home will be updated with is 5 dollar shirts and hats and maybe a couch. Then 24 hours later, low quality vids of all the E3 Footage that would otherwise be seen live in HQ. Home is a joke.

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Godmars2902810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Good. Not that that'll stop them from coming.

- Likely coming out of beta, the really big question is will video/music sharing be available and if so in what form. Nevermind the major shopping list that's just been sitting there.

HopSkotch2810d ago

Make this game cool...and i'll care. I'm not about social texting on a virtual world without some sort of reward system or purpose. I'm not bashing HOME...its just not for me pending some rewarding announcement.

Colonel-Killzone2810d ago

Maybe sony is preparing to do something probably who knows lol.

ballsofsteel2810d ago

btw i remember last years E3 conference being held at PShome does anyone know if it will also be held their?

NJShadow2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

I have a feeling they're going to re-open the events space for E3, so I'd say expect it. Actually, earlier this year they said that E3 goodies were coming, I'm 99% sure that the events space is re-opening tomorrow.