5 things Sony can do to blow their E3 conference

With Microsoft's press conference failing to impress, many hardcore gamers eagerly await Sony's presser tomorrow. Though Microsoft set the bar low with it's conference, Sony doesn't exactly have a stellar track record when it comes to press conferences either, with several of the most notorious E3 memes stemming from early PlayStation 3 reveals.

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HighDefinition2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Do a fake demonstration and show nothing new? I`m just sayin.....that`s one way to wreck your press conference or has today taught us nothing?

halojunkie2867d ago

seriously, put marilyn manson on stage where he will start pissing on people. (THATS IT). sony, if you can avoid've won.

RatFuker2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

if they eat the cinco de mayo flan kevin butler was talking about and all of a sudden get sick and cancel the show. if that does not wins.

house2867d ago

dude so true if they stay away from that or anything m$ pulled i think sony will be fine

sixaxis2867d ago

Sony can do right about everything. why did MS show up with this BS. Its like they didnt put any effort in it at all. how many times they hesitated whether to show most of the time Natal or not?? did they even thought about it?

HolyOrangeCows2867d ago

Manson urine or not showing up. That's pretty much it.

RosoTron362867d ago

KB walks on stage wearing a SpacePoncho!!!!

Focker4202867d ago

that would be f*ckin awesome!!

gaffyh2867d ago

@1.1.6 - That would be f***ing awesome lol.

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Imperator2867d ago

Sony already won regardless of what happens.

Chuk52867d ago

They got so many exclusives that it is nearly impossible for them to f up. The only that could is by possibility nintendo upstages them

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

35 Exclusives incoming so far.

KILLERAPP2867d ago

Give away free PS3 and everyone in the media will give you a good review…

-Alpha2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Sony is not out of the woods just yet with their conference just because MS's was so bad. It does make it much easier for Sony to have the better conference though.

All Sony needs to do is show off the exclusives they have, show us new trailers of new IPs (TLG, Agent, etc.), etc.

I'd like to see them deliver PSN+ finally too.

They can disappoint if they:

-Do with Move what MS did with Natal and show us casual crap
-Not show any of the exclusives people were hoping for
-Not show PSN+ in any way
-Talk too much about sales or PS2, or even mention PSP (unless it's PSP2, and maybe unless LBP2 does the sales presentation)
-Not announce GT5. My God do they need to announce the release date already.

Really, I don't see them failing.

HighDefinition2867d ago

Going in they had the momentum, now they REALLY have a chance to make a MASSIVE statement.

Tony-A2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

I agreed with what Adam Sessler said in a small interview a few days ago. Sony is in a good position going into E3 and are one of the few companies that can't really disappoint in a big way unless they really don't do what's been shown, expected and anticipated.

It's not because of who they are, but the games they have. Even if something like PSN+ doesn't get mentioned (which would be weird), they still have tons of exclusives that they've announced and detailed beforehand, as well as those that everyone has been curious about (TLG, The Agency, Agent, Redwood Falls, cancelled games that may come back).

This is where owning so many great development studios comes in handy. If something falls through: "Quick, gimme whatever you're working on".

They have a ton of upcoming exclusives that people expected, and apparently more on the way if the rumors are true. Sony and - surprisingly - Nintendo are both in a good position.

Oh, and I guess Final Fantasy Versus XIII really IS exclusive after all. I'm surprised, Square....

flyingmunky2867d ago

In regards to ff13vs. There are only so many times a idiot will run into the doorjamb before finding their way through.

I mean, is it really so hard to put good exclusive rpgs on a predominately Japanese console? I understand they want to break more into the the American demographic, but won't good games get that done better?

KILLERAPP2867d ago

Sony is going to do there typical E3 conference, they will showcase their big games coming this fall and the beginning of next year, and those include (this game will be played during the press conference): GT 5, Socom 4, LBP 2, Killzone 3, Infamous 2, FF 14 and move games. They are going to show a couple of trailers of the last guardian, Star hawk, agent, FF 13 VS, I expect them to show a trailer for 8 days and the getaway to show there once more in development and probably two trailer of new IP for 2012. They will probably announce exclusive content for both, dead space 2 and assassin creed 2. They will announce a new game by Hideo Kojima probably PS3 exclusive and probably a multiplatform kingdom of hearts 3. Move pricing and release date with PS3 bundles, PSN+ info and some PSP news (resident evil probably), with Kevin as the host enlist for part of the conference…

flyingmunky2867d ago

The games you already mentioned are enough for Sony to upstage M$. However, I would also like to see insomniac's new game (please let it be R3!).

KILLERAPP2867d ago

I don’t think R3 will be shown until next year’s E3, they could do a teaser but I don’t think is coming out until next year…

Doletskaya2867d ago

Brings a five year old to pet an imagery tiger on the big screen and pretend to enjoy it.

PS360PCROCKS2867d ago

Imagery? lmao Imaginary homie.

despair2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

that really was just plain creepy to me. The girl and the tiger not the Imagery thing.

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