How to make the Mass Effect movie great

Hollywood and the gaming world is buzzing with the recent news of a movie version of the bestselling video game Mass Effect. Journalists, bloggers, gamers and pretty much anyone with a mouth an opinion has already started throwing out ideas on directors and actors. But would James Cameron as the director guarantee success? Would Matthew Fox as Commander Sheppard create an epic film that would break the curse of bad video game movies? G3 takes a look at what makes video game movies terrible and what would make them better.

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HighDefinition2955d ago

For real though, ME has a great premise for a movie or a movie series for that matter.

ultramoot2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

I, for one, would prefer if they don't ruin the ME1 story by adapting/hollywood-ing it like they did with PoP, but rather do an original take on the First Contact Wars. Or do the backstory on early career of 'War Hero'-Shepard and how he single-handedly repelled an attack by batarian slavers on Elysium.

LukeA2955d ago

Nice read, I'm not sure how I would feel about the movie, probably have way too high expectations..

Murgatroyd72955d ago

I really don't think a Mass Effect movie could work because one of the largest appeals of the game is that your decisions play such a big role. The story itself isn't all that fascinating or original, but it's enjoyable because you help direct it. Taking away that aspect and presenting a set-in-stone storyline takes away most of the appeal. It's the same reason why a Fallout movie wouldn't work.

Fabian2955d ago

I have to agree with Murgatroyd7 to an extent... it's the fact that Mass Effect is such a fantastic interactive story that makes it appealing. The story is good, but it's not far beyond the usual sci-fi film fodder if you remove all the extra detail that a player of a 30 hour game can absorb. If it is made into a film, it will be a potentially very good sci-fi action film, but I don't think it's going to recreate Mass Effect's standing in the game world.

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