Whoa: New Xbox 360 Slim Sold Out And It's Not Even Out Yet

Wow, Microsoft’s new redesigned Xbox 360 Slim has hardly been out for a few hours and it’s already hard to find.


UPDATE: The item is now back in stock but it was sold out at the moment the story was done and during the day. At this rate, it seems MS will have trouble keeping up with demand.

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HighDefinition2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

I want to see how reliable it is, it should be interesting to see how this plays out. I hope it is, not much sucks more than having a system crap out on you.

JANF2837d ago

Yeah, i know my PS3 crap out on me last month.

Fireseed2837d ago

How can people disagree with an event that happened to you?

cyborg69712837d ago

Yeah right soda like you have even had one ps3 bugger off.

stb2837d ago

Because he is taking sony's name by it, and that is blasphemy.

captain-obvious2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

i dont think they got much on stock

HolyOrangeCows2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

It's just Gamethirst reporting about Amazon.

And it's not like we know how many Amazon had.

flyingmunky2837d ago

You know that happened to me as well with my 60 gig launch model. But I sucked it up, paid the $150 repair fee and am back in business. It was totally worth it though since I'm always on it anytime I'm in my apt. Even if I'm not gaming I'm watching something off my external hard drive.
Did you void your warranty or are you lying to get a rise out of Sony fankids?

Ilikegames762837d ago

Whenever I see your avatar, I kept thinking to myself "That's not his mustache, that's his nose hair."

Traveler2837d ago

I must be lucky, I haven't had my PS3 or 360 die on me. I have had friends though whose 360s and PS3s have died on them and I know it sucks.

Awookie2837d ago

Hilarious vid that's N4G all right

FordGTGuy2837d ago

I'm going to give you a bubble just because of all the disagrees. I was also victim of the YLOD on my PS3 and had to go out and buy a new one.

Droid Smasha2837d ago

mine was ordered before the conference was over

GrilledCheeseBook2837d ago

my ps3 had the blu-ray drive crap out on me

kewlkat0072837d ago

My Fat just crapped out as well...Sony should fix this for Free, it seems like there is widespread laser issues with the Fat PS3s.

I don't feel like paying $150.

BubZ-SkullY2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

please get a life and stop being such a major M$ d*ck sucker.
what have they done for you apart from present to you a console that had a high failure rate. the fact that you had two ps3s that ylod on you in 6months is 98% impossible fact.

M$ has milked out the xbox to the fact that its not even a good looking, by making it lack stuff that you had to pay more to get, and the had the nerve to say the stuff wasn't needed which it clearly proves it was by them adding those features to there new model.

As a gamer i was prepared to buy an xbox 360 because of Kinect, an improved version of the eyetoy. But seeing the presentation with pre-recorded footage and the mistakes the actors made just turned me off, shows that there is major lag or they haven't quite fixed the camera properly to sense all what they say it will do.

And if they dont have games that are suitable for the hardcore fans then i dont see them selling alot of kinects cause i know casual gamers wont pay alot for it, whilst wii is so cheap on the market and is very popular too.

I've had my launch 40gb ps3 since gta IV was out, has not failed yet but i changed the hdd because of low memory, if that was a 360, well...need i say more??

If you want to suck M$'s d*ick please suck it quietly.

Alcon Caper2837d ago

He's an honest good commenter. It makes me sick to read half of these trolling fanboys get by with 85 agrees from troll alts and good posters like Soda get screwed. N4G just really sucks during this time of year. Just take a look at Kotaku and Gamefaqs...they don't have this problem. The mods should be ashamed.

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God_Of_Epicness2837d ago

I am a PS3 fanboy who owns both consoles but I am going to buy the new slim version of the 360.


I think this news is bullshit.

NEWSWATCHERS2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

I was going to buy one BUT I went to the demo station and guess what? It was in yellow light mode so I didnt buy one and it was because it had Sonys name on it.*

Slam that disagree button in madness!!!!!

*JUST KIDDING!!! I have Sony products in my house, TVS and DVD players, I need to finish the set and buy a PS4 in a couple years since the current consoles are almost outdated.

Imperator2837d ago

It's not sold out, it's just that MS is barely releasing it. It's going to take them a while to fully stock retailers.

SOAD2837d ago

I hope they don't have the same trouble stocking them as Sony.

Stupid people get violent over these consoles. They stampede into stores and trample each other. They steal them from each other at gunpoint. People are just stupid.

AAACE52837d ago

Over the past few weeks the fanboy riots in here seemed to be calming. But after the MS conference, the sh*t hit the fan! Constant trolling on every post about MS. Even post about other stuff had hate for MS. I guess these guys had a build up and needed to release it!

The worst part is, I knew no matter what MS showed today, it would have been hated on! They could have announced that 50 new exclusive games would be hitting the 360 and people would have said all the games suck! They could have added bluray and people would have said they are being like Sony or Sony's pimping MS or some crap.

The strange thing is, no one has complained about the ESPN deal. I guess because it's being added in free with the gold membership. Obviously, a lot of people on here aren't into sports and do not understand you don't have to hate so much!

We don't even know how the rest of E3 will turn out yet and people are talking like it's all over.

NY_State2837d ago

OMG we're all sold, my mistake, they're all still here.

OMG look! For real this time the Xbox sold out again! Wait, no my bad!

Jesus f**king Christ they're all gone for reals this time...all of them! Xboxes? No the hardcore gamers. XD

Triella2837d ago

For someone to open it up to see if they really adressed the RROD and not just redesigned the case and rearranged the same electronic components inside. Yeah I'm wary of MS, especially since it's not the first time they claim the new mobo fixes the RROD problem.

WetN00dle692837d ago

Getting mine on Thursday or Friday(Gamestops is expecting them on those days!) SO ill keep you guys posted on how well that fares IF it Craps the bed at least ill have my PS3 till it gets replaced. All i know is that the console looks nice and slick.

princejb1342837d ago

i thought the new 360 wasn't available till next week according to a article i read
i guess not

WetN00dle692837d ago

Nah, depending on the retailer as to what i know it should be in stores by the end of the week.

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niceguywii602837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

They updated the site. It's best not to report on the stock of the 360 slim it will be sold out and then restocked for months. It was sold out earlier today as well.

Microsoft will have trouble keeping up with demand with this new SKU and Kinect on the way. $150 360s will sell like hotcakes too.

@Colonel-Killzon, So you disagreed because you assumed I didn't know that? Was there something in my comment that suggested the Arcade Sku is here to stay? Not picking on you but I already know that and the Sku is still $150. lol

LOL it's like you seen key words in the same sentence and blanked out not comprehending what was said with heart pounding anxiety. Hilarious.

Guess I'll report your comment as personal attack.

cyborg69712837d ago

They're not going to have trouble keeping them in stock, it's getting them off the shelf that is where the problem is.

Colonel-Killzone2837d ago

@niceguywii60 Im pretty sure you dont me I never throw disagrees out there. And all I said was you do know they are phasing it out. It was just a reply to inform you that was all it was intended to be.

Traveler2837d ago

I at least partially agree. The new 360 S was a great move and the Arcade at $150 is an exceptional bargain. I think the 360 will get a nice boost from this.