Bleszinski & Bulletstorm Steal EA Press Conference With Ingenuity

Stuck between Crysis 2 and The Old Republic, Cliff Bleszinski snuck into Electronic Art's E3 presentation and crept up behind these two giant titles and officially made a name for Bulletstorm. The presentation was full of new and broke the mold of what to expect from an FPS. Things that we haven't seen before from a video game of this genre were showcased today. A wide mixture of weapons and tactics to maim, taunt, and ultimately kill your enemies was the focus of this brief demonstration. You could see some of the Gears creator's influence in the title, but it was far from a copy. The interesting premise of killing with style looked like something that everyone in the audience at E3 just wanted to try right then and there. This has not been the first showing of the title from People can Fly, but it is the first that showed the sheer size and scale of the title. Expect great things from the developer of Painkiller and Bleszinski advising the team as things flesh out towards release

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Crazyhorse2959d ago Show
FanboyAttack2959d ago

Personally, I thought The Old Republic was the Best in Show but hey if you like shooters and you are looking for something different Bulletstorm definitely looked cool. Not for me though.

OneSneakyMofo2959d ago

EA show had so much variety: Dead Space - horror game, Medal of Honor - FPS, NFS: HP - racing, SW:TOR - MMO. EA brought down the house no thanks to Microsoft.

MiloGarret2959d ago

What does MS have to do with this..? Jeebus, obsessed much? Ok ok, so MS raped and murdered your entire family, i get it, but you have to let go!

I actually agree with the your statement, at least the part that makes sense which is: "EA show had so much variety: Dead Space - horror game, Medal of Honor - FPS, NFS: HP - racing, SW:TOR - MMO. EA brought down the house"

jdktech20102959d ago

gameplay better than cinematic as far as stealing shows generally.

Bulletstorm looks like a blast but I can't wait until today (tuesday) to see Old Republic gameplay.....supposedly it's gonna start showing up today

pimpmaster2959d ago

i thought old republic was lame. yea the trailer was cool but come on they showed basically another CG trailer just like last year. wtf is the point, show us gameplay! show us something not another generic CG starwars trailer which has nothing to do with the actual game.

despair2959d ago

there were gameplay clips of the old republic shown throughout the year wasn't there? I remember at least one showing the cover mechanics being used.

Myze2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

SW:TOR has a whole lot of gameplay out there for you to look at (hint: ). The CG video was very good and I think it worked better than gameplay would have, especially since this game is still 7-8 months away, at least.

morganfell2959d ago

It's 7-8 months away but the art style won't change and it is unsuitable for this. We already have this's called Clone Wars.

evrfighter2959d ago

Now that's how you make a trailer.

If anything that was probably the best viewing experience I've seen in many years.

The Old Republic was always gonna be a day one from me but now I'm pre-ordering day 1.

mal_tez922959d ago

The shooting mechanics look a bit boring, but there is so much more to it that it doesn't matter.

I'm really liking the creative weapons (reminds me of resistance or ratchet and clank), the over the top violence (like in gears of war) and the crazy action.

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alphakennybody2959d ago

NFS HT was the highlight for EA, was also hoping to see the insomniac game too. I still think bulletstorm was and still is pretty generic, wasn't impressed by it during the stage demo.

Blaze9292959d ago

coooooome ooooon. Bulletstorm is cool shit. You can do so much cool shit in Bulletstorm. Guns and tricks to do even more cool shit. Basically, it's cool shit.

Imperator2959d ago

Bulletstorm looks like great over the top fun. I really like it.

Typical-Guy2959d ago

Totally felt the same way. But Dead Space and Crysis were so great.

pimpmaster2959d ago

bullet storm looked cool but i dont see it as a must buy, epic always seems to make the same game over and over, generic army guys that shoot stuff. i guess thats why everyone says it looks generic. they really need to change genre to something thats not just a shooter next time. how about make that arcade game they made but make that in 3d. it basically be batman AA which is a good thing. better than another generic army shooter

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sombrero2959d ago

Bulletstorm was awesome, but the dialogue was awful.

LightofDarkness2959d ago

Oh it is, but that seems to be intentional. They're taking the piss out of modern macho shooter protagonists, the most prolific perhaps being the 'roid raging Gears, their own creation. So they're being pretty light-hearted about it. Obviously, with such ridiculous, over the top action, you need ridiculous over the top acting. I actually thought it was funny.

sombrero2959d ago

Yeah, I guess I'll wait until I see more to pass judgement... but even if it's not intentional, I'm still going to enjoy the game. It looks really fun imo

LightofDarkness2959d ago

Oh it looks like a whole lot of fun, it harks back to the FPS games of old. Which means FPSs are fun again! YAY!

sombrero2959d ago

"it harks back to the FPS games of old"

yeah, when you actually got to kill stuff. high five!

smilydude132959d ago

I think Steven Blum was voicing the main character. Must buy if so.

Someday, somebody should make an entire production with the only voice talent being him. I'd buy two copies of that.

360kinect2959d ago

EA had a good conference all around.

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