Halo Reach Official Full Length E3 Campaign Trailer Released

Marcus Lehto took the stage representing the team at Bungie's blood sweat and tears when he officially unveiled Halo Reach's breathtaking campaign footage. Lehto wanted to make sure that everyone in the audience knew that this footage was all taken in game. Fans familiar with the series will get a sense of the old Halo with a completely revamped graphics pushing what was demonstrated as co-op gameplay. The world of Reach undersiege by The Covenant forces has never looked so alive as in Bungie's Halo Reach which is due out in October of 2010. Later this evening Bungie released the all HD footage version of the trailer.

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Crazyhorse2833d ago ShowReplies(1)
Johnny52833d ago

This was the best part of Microsofts show I thought. The backdrops looked amazing. Best Halo Game so far. Can't wait for this.

FanboyAttack2833d ago

I was impressed. I wasn't impressed by the BEta for some reason. But, this campaign looks like its going to be something to really look forward to.

ChozenWoan2833d ago

I found it funny that while watching the conference I got to thinking that Halo is set in a rich universe yet it has no space combat... then just a few seconds later into the vid they went there.

Gen5 there was plenty of space shooters, Gen6 a few, but this gen they have been MIA. I'm a space junky and I've been looking to comp gaming and PS1/PS2 games to get my fix. Hopefully more devs will be inspired by H:R's space combat and they will fill my life with Zero-G goodness.

Traveler2833d ago

I too am very impressed with the trailer. It shows a beautiful game and the part at the end with the space combat was a surprise that I think will really be unique and add something special to the Halo universe.

poe2833d ago

This game has some major competition after seeing Ghost Recon and Bulletstorm not to mention what we will see from Sony. I kind of thought less of it after watching Crysis and those other two.

tatotiburon2833d ago

killzone 2 fail to be a halo killer, a 2 years old halo game and not just killzone, every other fps released after halo 3, halo still is the most fps played online

SOAD2833d ago

The industry is constantly changing tatotiburon. You cannot expect for Halo to always remain dominant. After all it is just another shooter, and other shooters have and will come along to make it look outdated.

Killzone 2 didn't fail to be a halo killer because Killzone 2 wasn't meant to be a halo killer.

If you think that Killzone 3 is going to fade into obscurity then you're dead wrong.

GG has addressed the problems of KZ2. They have promised:

-varied level design.
-larger levels, larger scope.
-less profanity.
-more responsive controls.

Already, the major problems I had with KZ2 are being taken care of.

Traveler2833d ago

I kind of agree. I mean, I love Killzone 2 but it still isn't quite to the same quality level as Halo in my opinion. That said, I am really looking forward to both Halo Reach and Killzone 3.

DelbertGrady2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Ghost Recon and Bulletstorm aren't the same type of games, and Killzone is not in the same league, no matter how much some of you want it to be.

ArcFatalix2833d ago

kz2 is better than halo in all departments

Fanb0y2833d ago

Halo fills it's own niche in the shooter market. It tends to be something everyone (except N4G users) has quite a bit of fun with.

Really, other than maybe COD, Halo has no competition.

DeltaZ3R052833d ago ShowReplies(5)
002833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

looks like they did that in the theater mode. also more spaceship.

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