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Submitted by faceman 2066d ago | preview

IGN: Kinect vs. Wii After a full year of waiting since the original unveiling of the Xbox 360's in-development Project Natal, Microsoft's newly-renamed "Kinect" device has now had a more official reveal -- the look is complete, the branding's in place, and, most importantly, we now know several actual games that we'll be playing on the new peripheral. So, of course, it's time to begin the inevitable comparisons. (Kinect, Microsoft, Project Natal, Tag Invalid, Wii, Xbox 360)

Crazyhorse   2066d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
darkdoom3000  +   2066d ago
Natal vs Eyetoy would be a better comparison
along with Move vs Wii.
SnuggleBandit  +   2066d ago
yep, sony has it all!
Iamback  +   2066d ago
I cant believe what a bunch of pathetic liers they are, saying they were impressed by MS press!? Are you serious!? If Sony or Nintendo had press like that jokes would be flying left and right. But 300 bucks gift tend to influence your judgment. i called it yesterday that that will happen, i guess i was correct.
BX81  +   2066d ago
@ lamback Were you impressed if not care to state y?.
Iamback  +   2066d ago

If you are MS fan and say you were impressed by MS press they you are lying to yourself and me. Xbox 360 is synonyms to hardcore gamers, their press conferences have always been about hardcore gamers, at least 80% of content, this time roles were reversed. Ok lets start. COD game, cool that was good way to start. Yes it is multiplat game but they have 1 month on maps so ok a lot of people play that. Then Rising, probably best demo and that is also multiplat, and we will probably see a lot more on Sony show, maybe even Move support which makes it version to have and even without that MGS fans are on PS3.
Then there was Gears 3, great demo, Fable 3 borring cg trailer, some god of War game from Crytek, trailer was lame used real actors, we learned nothing. Then basically boring stuff begins. SUre some of those xbl/kinect stuff were cool, like voice thing but those are not games. Rest of Kinect presentation was horrible. Bunch of Wii and Eye Toy "me too" projects but i guess you think thats cool. Compared to last year pace was bad, show was much slower and targeted towards casuals.
Difference between Sony fans and MS is that SOny fans would say it was trash, MS fans like anything and everything from MS and just keep on taking it you know where.
They knew they had bad press so to affect judgment they gave free bribe 300$ gifts to every journalist in audience. Embarrassing thing to do. I promose you if Sony did that there would be an outrage. Things like that should be banned. We saw product of that IGN was really impressed which boggles my mind, considering those same guys are so hardcore and trashed Wii and motion games for years but now all of a sudden they want to "Jump in".
Dont ever again ast me to explain my self. I never write BS based on bias, i call it as i see it, SOny, MS or Nintendo.
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jsx  +   2066d ago
@Iamback: an IGN editor probably makes ~$60k a year, you think $300 is going to sway their opinion? What are you 12?
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Iamback  +   2066d ago
I guess you are 12 and dont understand how human psychology works.
UltraNova  +   2066d ago

Dont try to downplay MS's cheap shot yesterday. IGN editors might make that much money but they are still gamers like us. And gamers will always be excited and ready to play dumb when they get a brand new console for free.

Why do they sent 500 bucks worth of memorabilia with each test code ? Because they are a charity? Bottom line is that MS hits bellow the waistline openly and shamelessly and always gets a free pass to go with it.
#2.1.6 (Edited 2066d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report
jsx  +   2066d ago
@Iamback, UltraNova: Wow you two are seriously deluded. Journalists always get free copies to review, look at Walt Mossberg, the dude gets every gadget months before they come out. That's the way it is and will always be.

"Bottom line is that MS hits bellow the waistline openly and shamelessly and always gets a free pass to go with it."

WTF, kid, you're a total moron. Your whole comment is lacking any sign of intelligence. How is giving away your product to event attendees a "cheap shot?" A cheap shot at who, exactly? What a bunch of ignorant children on this site.
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UltraNova  +   2061d ago
@JSX Pull up your pants and stop going in reverse bended over like that with MS behind you closing in..
Time Lord  +   2066d ago
well said Iamback
MS have gone from having one of the best E3 conference last year to frankly one of the worst and most embarrassing I have ever seen and I have seen each one since 2002.
vhero  +   2066d ago
Cannot see how bowling can work correctly on Kinect I feel its gonna be frustrating without something in your hand. That being said it certainly looks nice.
RatFuker   2066d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(2)
earbus  +   2066d ago
Its been a great day i was stoked with what ms had to offer , getting in bed with crytek very smart move as was it a great day to see SDF in full action defense mode tearing everything down i love it sutch a laugh its the best.
evrfighter  +   2066d ago
im not gonna lie.

it was entertaining. Only apple and sony fanboys can be that amusing. I personally am not intrigued by Kinect or Move though. If I wanted gimmick gaming I would have bought a 3d setup for my pc years ago.
Imperator  +   2066d ago
Can you tell me exactly what you liked so much about it?

Was it the demos of games that had ALREADY been revealed?

Perhaps it was the very laggy Kinect interface and the very annoying presentation of Video chat...

Was it the demonstration of MS' various Wii/PS3 ripoff titles?

I simply can't understand why anyone would actually defend MS. This was far worse than Sony's 2006 conference or any of Nintendo's conferences. Just terrible.
Ilikegames76  +   2066d ago
He was
impressed with the way the in-game character in the Star Wars game was moving the player with a little noticeable lag.
fooltheman  +   2066d ago
and movement was on rails...^^
TheAwesomessMan  +   2066d ago
NOw let us say first the is ahead BY ALOT! So if Microsoft is gonna do this they better step up will big. Because Nintendo is just chilaxing with their money. And just cause you gave away free xboxes doesn't mean you made a dent in the Wiis sales. But Microsoft are some gangsters or something see what they do they tryna widen the WW or NA gap between them n Sony. By releasing the system that early. They tallied how many they gave away to keep track. Haha Microsoft I see you.
Arnon  +   2066d ago
As long as more games like Child of Eden come out for Kinect, I'll actually consider buying it.
captain-obvious  +   2066d ago
its coming to the PS3 too
nygamer28  +   2066d ago
but i think it will be better move-free
darkdoom3000  +   2066d ago
Child of eden looks awesome, but I would not want to hold out my hand for over a few minutes, it's gonna start hurt.

I guess thats why the creator guy (name escapes me...) was constantly switching hands.
labwarrior  +   2066d ago
Wii and PS3 Move are last gen
They are not hands free, dont have voice recognition or 1-1 full body mapping

Are last gen jokes comparing, i dont need an article to prove it
WasaibYo  +   2066d ago
Come on now. Move can be hands free and have voice recognition if it wants to. Do people forget that Move uses the PsEye? There are tech demos that shows full body mapping and plus the psEye has a good built in mic. We don't even know what big things Sony has in store for the Move yet. To me the Move is like a child born from the wii and kinect/eyetoy. It can do both but not the same.
nygamer28  +   2066d ago
but the fact is its not controller free so your comment is a waste
Biggest  +   2066d ago
No. His comment is spot on. The PSEye as it is right now does what we have seen the Natal do. Every last "game" we saw from Microsoft this E3 can be done using the PSEye by itself. Actually, if you download the drivers, the PSEye is one of the best web cams out there. I don't think the Natal can compare. Unless you're one of those guys that thinks the Natal isn't just a web cam. It is. Trust me.
darkdoom3000  +   2066d ago
Last gen? most of the natal games can already be done on the eyetoy.
Bellcross  +   2066d ago
Wii wins they got Mario and Zelda while Kinect got Milo and Skittles. :\
asgharagha  +   2066d ago
i didnt get how kinekt works at all .....
SuperbVillain  +   2066d ago
it's a tie,they both lose,MOVE wins.
Calm Down Sunshine  +   2066d ago
Kinect -

The kart racing game: There was no way to control acceleration, did anyone else notice that?
All racers doing the same speed all the time...Until someone boosts of course.

Star Wars game: As expected, no free movement. Just scripted hopping from point to point, now imagine an entire game of that.

Skittles & Dancing: If you need me to explain why these were awful, well done for making it this far in life.
5th Devil of the Ful  +   2066d ago
I just love how all of these Sony Ponies made this about the PS3 Move. If you don't know what that is, it's a prison punishment device Sony plans to release for "gaming purposes" (my only question is: where does the lotion go?).

Anyway, I just love the N4g community. They are full of such smart-- oh who the hell am I kidding?
#12 (Edited 2066d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Biggest  +   2066d ago
That might be one of the worst motivational posters ever made.
eagle21  +   2066d ago
Nintendo wins everytime, even against Move... :)
#13 (Edited 2066d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
PirosThe4th  +   2066d ago
lmao... I just cant see how stupid some of this games are... A game that requires a sword such as a light saber with no controls... just cant get through head...

And same with the sports games...
The only games will be nice to play would be fighting ones and that's about it...
asgharagha  +   2066d ago
kose nanatoooooooooon
360kinect  +   2066d ago
I was really disappointed with the Kinect today...
Shadow Flare  +   2066d ago
All I saw were actors pretending to play the games. So what was ign impressed with? Their acting skills? The fact that they demonstrated very little to nothing live in both their shows is reason to be very, very, very unimpressed. Its months from release. A shocking lack of confidence in the product was displayed. It obviously doesn't work well enough. Watch sony today. All their demo's will be live. IGN are full of it
Kassanova07  +   2066d ago
The Wii punches Kinect in the balls while Kinect wrestles Wii, comes Move and bats both in the head.
GenerationWinner  +   2066d ago
N4PS3G is becoming the
laughing stock web site on the net have you all noticed lol... its the only site were all ps3 trolls gather to speak untrue fanboy things against anything ms or xbox related. you know why...cause when they are on other sites and try the same tactics they will be punished with the phrase "head over to it the site where you should be not here" looool.
CellularDivision  +   2066d ago
Its funny how PS3 fanboys claimed PS3 was the hardcore console, yet they lower themselves to buy their crappy motion controls. Console peasants....
Shadow Flare  +   2066d ago
We've seen Move work perfectly with hardcore games. We've yet to see kinetc work at all. You're majorly butthurt
MaximusPrime  +   2066d ago
SOCOM said hello
crazyclown  +   2066d ago
the kings (sony) will remain kings since the 1900's

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