The Top 10 Biggest Announcements From E3 Monday

Kombo writes: The first day of E3 is over and we've had information overload. If you are feeling overwhelmed you can always go to our E3 Hub Page to get caught up. All of the info is easily cataloged there for your easy digestion.

However, we also figured it wouldn't hurt to put together a list of the day's biggest events.

Without further ado, here are the 10 biggest events from the first day of E3 2010.

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ActionBastard2903d ago

#1 Sony and Nintendo's conference are Tuesday!

ingiomar2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )


Timed exclusives are like lubes you use them a few times and then then there is one day it runs out.. after that you have to do it dry.

Good luck with that.

nix2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

why is Action Bastard's comment under trolling... all he was doing was replying to number 1.

and why do i have only 2 bubbles now???

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AbyssGravelord2903d ago

Were there even 10 big announcements today?

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The story is too old to be commented.