IGN: E3 2010: Microsoft Press Conference Roundtable

It's already been a big week for Microsoft, and E3 2010 is only officially one day old. With the super-strange Kinect reveal event behind it, the company took its mass market message to the core gaming masses at a press conference to kick off the convention. IGN was on hand at the event to take it all in. Here's what our editors think about Microsoft's latest E3 showing.

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2926d ago
dktxx22926d ago

Hm, I guess my respect for IGN can go lower.

Immortal Kaim2926d ago

Did they watch the same conference that I did, cause that thing was abysmal? I'm really worried about the future of the 360, don't think I will be supporting it for much longer.

Aquanox2926d ago

They saw the same conference as you, but without the Sony glasses. It was awesome, get over it.

solidjun52926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I swear, you'll take anything MS up your...
So take off your MS glasses for a minute. It's clouding your vision.

Anyway, I agree with Immortal and he's actually one of the most objective person here, which surprises me as to why he has 2 bubbles. Here +1

I mean with statements like this "The Microsoft Conference was the best I can remember.", can you really honestly believe that? I know it's opinion based but c'mon man. Last years MS conference was CLEARLY better.

SCThor2926d ago

Be a gamer....not a gaymer :)

Sunny_D2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

So Aquanox, are you telling me that all those other sites had sony goggles? People who actually WENT THERE? Not like you sitting on your fat ass watching a stream? Looks like yo have the MS goggles on right now.

Plus, I find it funny you hide your face in negative MS E3 articles but come in the 1 positive article. FAIL. COWARD.

avengers19782926d ago

Xbox 360 press confrences fails, and that is really all you can say about it.
OH, and is it me or is including the wi-fi now, kind of an insult to everyone the bought an adaptor over the past year, 100 bucks for that thing.

Aquanox2926d ago

Ok so we had New Metal Gear Running, Awesome Gears of War 3 and Halo Reach footage. A 100% EXCLUSIVE Crytek game (yes, the ones that make the best looking games around), Fable III and a new Xbox 360 Slim (which first reviews are praising a lot)

On the casual field, Ubisoft Shape looked great, and the Sport games didn't look half bad. For a family audience, those demos were very welcome. ESPN partnership looked really good as well.

Everyone I know left the conference very excited and convinced that Microsoft is going on the right direction.

It's vomitive though, the fact that everytime MS does something right, Sony fanboys dig all over the internet, many times quoting sites nobody has ever heard about to put it as news, gang-vote them to approve and make it look (in N4g at least) as if it wasn't a good conference. That's the worst showcase of fanboyism I have ever seen and that's why you don't get an elaborated answer from my side sometimes, because it doesn't matter what MS does of whatever facts you bring to the table, to the rabid boys, it will always be as sacrilege just because it's not made by Sony.

If Sony had something nearly as promising as Kinect (move isn't) even if the show was half-good, the news quoted here would be about how good it was in spite of its flaws, much less cynical, much more fanboyish. And of course, most news saying the contrary would be this time, gang dissapproved aledging trolling and similars nonsense.

So, just take a look at yourselves first before judging the rest.

Bigpappy2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I watch the entire conference and it was really good. The most shocking thing for me is Forza with head tracking. I love the controlling of menu's with thin air or voice. The Kinect game are all good (Some too simple, but still good). Halo, Gears, COD and the new crytec game were all exciting to see. Nothing there to hate people (on less, that is who you are and you just can't help it).

Rainstorm812926d ago

Thats another thing that gets old on N4G......the victim role

When Sony was showing all of thier motion stuff at GDC, the interweb blew up with "Wii Too" articles. NOw that MS is doing it it ok to have Wii-type games.

Im not saying you're guilty as i dont troll past comments but ive seen more than a few fanboys doing it. As far as crytek best looking games around, all i know of is crysis anymore im missing?

Where ever your loyalties lie the MS presser was lackluster after the first 30-40 mins. Where is the killer app for Kinect?? Personally MS did somethings right but 3 shows at this E3 for Kinect is far from right when compared to the 4 exclusve games shown.

Millah2926d ago

Wow. You are one hell of a delusional fanboy.

bviperz2926d ago

A new slim that says a big, "Ha ha you fool" to all those (like me) who bought an elite/MW2 and/or wireless adapter and/or a bigger HDD or had an 360 shipped off for repairs, all in the last six months.

15 newly announced casual games for Kinetic

1 exclusive game in the works by Crytek (maybe casual?)

0 newly announced games for the hardcore

By all means, if it's good for business, do the casual thing. But don't become the Wii by throwing me a bone or two every year only to be dissappointed because it stinks. Already have a Wii, I don't need 2. And don't forget it's the hardcore folks who make up the majority that put you on the map MS...

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TheHater2926d ago

people keep saying "you can spell IGNorant without IGN"
This has to go down as the biggest suck up article I ever read in my entire lifetime.
When reading this, I kept thinking that a MS PR person was standing behind them while they wrote this.

HighDefinition2926d ago

Walking away from ANY conference w/ a $300 item in your hand will make you enjoy it.

colonel1792926d ago

I like your avatar! it´s awesome. Sly Cooper 4 please!

Iamback2926d ago

i called this yesterday, they all got bribed. Even GiantBomb guys shocked me when they said it was awesome, unreal.

iamtehpwn2926d ago

A multiplatform game releases, if the Ps3 version has one blurry texture its minus 2 points. If the 360 version is worse, its Final Fantasy XIII and no one seems to give a damn.

I don't give a flying Dinosaur Penis what these bias folks have to say, That was without a doubt the worst e3 press conference I have ever seen. Even Nintendo's 2008 conference did better.

saint_john_paul_ii2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

they got free 360s. what did you expect...

im sorry but this reading is lulz worthy. were they high when they watched the conference???

solidjun52926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Seriously? I mean if I was high, I'm sure I would have a favorable review of Hannah Montana videogame.

"Kinect was the star of the show and it delivered" REALLY? It delivered Tigers and Dancing. Oh okay. I mean, Nintendo had a better showing 2 years ago and they got ripped apart. Maybe the free 360 got to their heads, cause last years MS conference was CLEARY better.

EDIT: Dude and not only that, I thought they would show more first party games!! And you're right, where the F was crackdown 2?!?!

I'll give MS credit for the ESPN portion as I think that is a very very cool feature. Especially seeing up to 3500 live events (COLLEGE FOOTBALL BABY!!!!) But let's be honest here. Not everyone is going to use it. IGN...IGNorant. I know, cliche.

TheHater2926d ago

CLEARLY better? It almost like it two completely different companies when comparing last year and this year. As a 360 owners, I was pissed that they didn't even show Crackdown 2 or had a live demonstration of Fable 3.

oh and I forgot. Isn't Fable 3 supposed to be Kinect compatible? Why wasn't it demo with Kinect?

Rainstorm812926d ago

If you breakdown the MS presser where they showed Kinect, it was alot of inaccurate controls especially on Kinect Adventures. They couldnt showcase Hardcore games with that type of controls. Hey the multimedia features bravo MS. As it primary use a game controller i give it a D+.

One blurb about Crackdown that launches in mere weeks and no playable Fable 3. yet like an hour on Kintectimals (kinda cute game tho) and more Casual trash.

"Skittles, Where are you?" - I cant get that outta my head! ARRRGGGHHHH!!

Sunny_D2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

IGN have lost respect. They know it sucked. But, if they want to stay the largest videogame website in the world, they have to appease to all crowds. With a little bit of flamebait in between to get big hits. Can't spell Ignorant without IGN.

mantisimo2926d ago

I love you. You are silly.
Did every single one of the IGN writers get a shiny new xbox then hmmm?

It was just what I expected but without a major reveal with demo.

I really thought they had something up there sleeves to look forward to, but it all left me very underwhelmed to say the least.

THE TRUTH2926d ago

I understand your Passion for what you see as a great presence for MS, but seriously your argument against gamers who did not like this conference is they must be fanboys.

It's just not that simple. The new design is essentially 5 year old technology better manufactured insides at a high end price point. For 299.99 they should have thrown in kinetic built-in or xbl for a year. Then they leave the real consumers of the xbox brand out by given it away to media that already get plenty free swag.

What is the direction of the xbox brand, before E3 it was project natal or bust, well guess what its pretty much bust........

NexGen2926d ago

I really did like last year's e3. MS had a showing...and a promise at this potentially awesome Natal thingy.

This year, they showed us their thingy (har) and I cried a little. I mean the potential is there for some cool things, but I saw no attempt at those cool things.

I saw a tiger, and arm flapping. Sad.

AKS2926d ago

Wow, every one of them said what a great conference it was for Microsoft. Compared to what? The Ubisoft presentation? I guess giving those free 360 slims to the press was money well spent for Microsoft.

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LordMarius2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I cant believe what I just read.
They all liked it?


The 360 bribe must have worked

Bzone242926d ago

Guess they liked it because they weren't wearing their sony fanboy goggles.

LordMarius2926d ago

Hey man keep defending it. Maybe MS will read IGN's impressions and repeat the same act next year, in the end it is only the 360 fanbase that looses.

I would be pretty piss if Sony does something like this tmrw and the media eats it up.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

They need to write they liked the Conference, as for Nintendo and Sony too.

jaredhart2926d ago

What were they watching?

iamtehpwn2926d ago

I'm sure that wasn't the only thing they got from Microsoft...probably something under a table with a girl named Candy.

M-Easy2926d ago

Or girls named lolipop & vaveleteen

DEATHSTROKE-cro-2926d ago

WTF are they dumb or what
" and had tons of announcements, exclusive games, and great game demos "

LOL these people are idiots