CVG: E3 2010: Xbox 360 250GB Slim Review

Speaking to Microsoft reps at the unboxing event, CVG was told repeatedly that the firm believes this is the best console it's ever made. They are right. This is the solid, polished machine it should have been to begin with. If PS3 had one undeniable advantage over 360 in the past it was in the hardware stakes, but MS has truly stepped up its game.

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Lionhead2621d ago


Free for CVG means high marks =D

siyrobbo2620d ago

you do realise cvg gets every game and hardware for free anyway?

Hideo_Kojima2620d ago

Almost all reviewers get almost all games for free...

You will never find a reviewer who buys games.

Would a food critic pay for the meal?

wicko2621d ago

That was my expression when I read this:

"no microwave bleep like the PS3. Instead, Microsoft saved the hardware bleep for the disc tray open and close button (which is also touch sensitive), although this console's bleep is more of a smoother, nicer tone, not quite as high-pitch and ear-piercing."

Really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one.. I'll take a "ear-piercing" beep over jet engine DVD-ROMs any day.

SOAD2621d ago

It runs quieter too, so you don't have to hear that jet engine.

wicko2621d ago

lol so someone with multiple accounts went nuts? pretty sad!

And no, it doesn't really run quieter, only marginally. It's still going to be loud as hell.

RedDevils2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

you need to run it next to the mic/headset, and turn your 7.1 speakers up, it would feel like you're in a space rocket which is about to take off

bunfighterii2621d ago

yeah comparing the beeps the consoles make is just pure fandom at work.

GrieverSoul2620d ago

So we are comparing "bips" on the console war now?!

Whats next?! The buttons sounds when pressed?!


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AAACE52621d ago

There's just too much sh*t I wanna buy this year! I wanna get this right now, but I know they will do a bundle with Kinect later this year.

Then there's Ghost Recon, Medal of Honor, NBA 2K11, Madden 11, etc.(too many to name). By the way, this will be the first Madden I buy on day 1. It seems like they are fixing a lot of the stuff that was bad.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO... The days of blu-ray players being really expensive has kinda passed! Hell, you can find a blu-ray player from $70-$120 for the cheap ones.

I think it's like I said a few weeks ago. We will probably see consoles stick around longer, but get upgrades as time goes on. You never know, wemight see blu-ray in the 360 next year or some other type of upgrade!

If they did put it in next year, it could be a smooth transition. It would function normally if you were using regular dvd's or not. If they wanted to make games on blu-ray, the games released on blu-ray have the bluray case so that people notice the difference. It would make it easier for them to know if they could play that particular game or not.

That would help alot because you would be able to give games to those who have older systems, and the bluray games could be for companies who need extra space. If people want those games they have to get a new one. Otherwise, there are games for them as well.

ChronoJoe2621d ago

So you wana buy 4 multiplatform games... for the year.

Doubt you'll see a bluray player, there is no need for kinect titles, and that's where the development focus, and funding is now. So.

ravinash2621d ago

They won't be able to make 360 games on Blueray as the older 360s will not be able to play them. So I don't see that happening other than just a nice option so 360 can play blueRay films.

Christopher2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

***The sheer spin speed of that drive remains clearly audible as it was in the first console so it's not an entirely silent experience, although we think that's unavoidable. ***

And now that we've confirmed that the new one still uses proprietary storage and still has a loud disc drive, it's really not something I'm interested in unless mine breaks down and I _need_ to buy a new 360.


***Where PS3 has lost features over the years (PS2 support, USB ports, card reader ports), the new Xbox 360 250GB enhances the experience with built in Wi-Fi and optical ports, more USB ports (five instead of three) and all-round better build quality. ***

Wait... what? You're saying a console that still uses proprietary hardware, finally includes an internal wireless adapter, and slims down is better than a machine that's always provided internal wi-fi, has the cheapest HDD expansion capabilities out there, and also includes blu-ray capabilities?

Yeah, sorry, but how about people stop double dipping into the Sony hate there. They removed the card readers and two USB ports to make it cheaper so people would buy the hardware. Now that it's affordable and people are buying it at a level that still has more built-in than the 360, you complain that they had to remove stuff in order to make it affordable?

That's some crappy journalism logic right there.

gtamike2620d ago

Still will get RROD I think

robep32620d ago

.......Still an external power supply LOL still have heat problems then do they lets see when we see the first demo one with red lights!!!!!!

koh2620d ago

Would I pay for a hooker?

BigRedBall2620d ago

Yeah, definitely soulds like quality hardware. Its too early for reviews. Its not even out in stores yet.

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Delta2621d ago ShowReplies(3)
ALFAxD_CENTAURO2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Should be included with Blu ray for a price like $299. The Blu ray alone cost $200.

SOAD2621d ago

Standalone Blu Ray players of much better quality than the one you will find in a PS3 cost about 60 bucks around now.

redking3152621d ago

sites such as still rate the PS3 as one of the best quality blue-ray player on the market. Most players that approach the PS3 cost around 150-200. Also those $60 players don't include the newest BD-Live standard.

etownone2621d ago

Please educate me where I can find a $60 blu-Ray player, let alone one that is better then the one found in the ps3 with wi-fi and 3D ready.

wicko2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Sorry, but, completely wrong.

You will not find a $60 bluray player with a feature set like the PS3. Good try though.

stb2621d ago

Oh poor soad, go to your mommy now.

adamx2621d ago

where? Thats right you can prob only come up with some knock off shit.

SOAD2621d ago

You guys obviously haven't heard of NewEgg.

bobdog6262621d ago

The PS3 can Update itself by WiFi alone.A Simple update is the best thing Sony has done with the PS3.It can Update for the latest Movies or Firmware like 3D.You have to buy a new Bluray player to do what the PS3 has Built in.So this Rounds for the PS Fans

ipe2621d ago

60$ quality BR player?

good luck with that

PSwheeze2620d ago

@ redking315

I'm not sure why you're getting all the disagrees. I have two blu ray players in addition to my ps3. One is a bottom barrel magnavox ($70) and the PS3 destroys it in every way possible. (speed, noise, picture, everything) The other, is a pretty darn good Samsung with wifi, netflix, pandora, etc which set me back $250 and guess what? The PS3 is STILL better than that one by a good margin. From my experience, the PS3 is still one of the best blu ray players on the market.

Trek52002620d ago me one....and prove to me that you can leave the house without your Mom holding your and firmly and making sure your helmet is on tight.

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ReBurn2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

There's nothing to support the assertion that Blu-ray makes up $200 of the $299 price tag. You can get standalone, fully featured Blu-ray players from Sony, Samsung and Panasonic for around $130, so the actual cost of the drive alone must be much lower than that.

It's so hard to take people seriously when they just pull their facts out of thin air.

Redgehammer2620d ago

I have heard that 67% of all facts are made up on the spot

Bolts2620d ago

There is a difference between a Bluray player and a Bluray set box. The PS 3 is still one of the best Bluray box around, its fast as hell and has build in wifi with the best firmware support in the industry. Thats the truth.

Another truth is the bluray drive itself is dirt cheap and can be bought for $60. Here's the link for Newegg

dcbronco2620d ago

First, the cost of the drive and the other components that make a difference are two different things. I'm sure Sony pays less than $60 for the drives themselves. If any of us can get one for $60, Sony can get(or make them) them much cheaper in bulk. The Cell and Reality Synthesizer play a huge role in the quality of the video. Most stand-alone units won't spend that type of money for the other parts inside.