E3 2010 Day One: A Summarized List of Announcements

A lot of news has come out of E3 already, and it’s only been one day of presentations so far. With all of the news, and all of the words, it’s hard to know what exactly we should care about and what we should read. While the details in all of our posts are great, and helpful for understanding what happened today, here’s the short, colloquial summaries of the news we got today.

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gynecologistcobra2901d ago

I'm really not sure what my favorite was. I'd love to say Dance Central, just because it looks like a ton of fun, but I don't think that's it. Maybe Shaun White: Skateboarding? Just because I loved THPS, and it looks like a mix of that and de Blob. There were a lot of lame announcements with a few good things, but I think Natal takes it so far. It's got occasional lame games, but between video chat, voice recognition, Dance Central, and Kinectimals (neat as a tech demo- kids'll love it), I think Natal was the show-stealer. As if there was much of a show to steal. :/

Sandwich Bender2901d ago

I'm a big FPS guy so naturally I'm excited about Black Ops, MoH, Bulletstorm, etc. Reall, I get worked up over any moderately-decent looking shooter. But I am very surprised at how cool Shaun White: Skateboarding looks.

2901d ago
greeneggsnsam2901d ago

Not so exciting so far.Looking forward to Nintendo and Sony!

Stuart57562901d ago

That's one long list full of shit!

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