Five big predictions for Sony's E3 2010 conference

Mitch from Gaming Everything writes: "Sony's E3 conference is tomorrow. This we all know. What we don't know is the line-up of surprises Sony has in store for us. Announcing games like Killzone 3, InFamous 2, and LittleBIGPlanet 2 just before E3 while still claiming the biggest announcements are to come is a daring feat which has everyone's mind buzzing with possibilities. What could they be? Whatever they are, we know they're gonna be huge, and we know Sony knows what a huge announcement is. Open up your minds as I share with you five of my reasonably realistic and completely unbiased predictions."

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Valay2835d ago

There are some realistic predictions there!

WhittO2834d ago

If they announced GTA5 exclusive they would automatically win, but I really don't see that happening.

Hoping R3 looks great

jaredhart2835d ago

doesn't disappoint me like Microsoft did.

Skyreno2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

hmm about kingdom heart 3 title to show sony confrenece i highly doubted it because in past, nomura said is not KH3 but something else example kingdom heart something,something ... also versus 13 may or may not show gameplay but hey i dont know versus 13 will be huge impact on sony confrence if they show it :) my mind will go Boom lol

user8586212835d ago

1.) Exclusives
2.) PSN +
3.) Move Price
4.) Last Guardian
5.) Kevin Butler

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The story is too old to be commented.