BBC: Testing the new PlayStation 3 motion controller

BBC: Rory Cellan-Jones has tried out the new PlayStation 3 motion controller system that projects players into games.

At the E3 video gaming conference in Los Angeles, Sony will reveal more about the games that can be played with the add-on.

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ClownBelt2904d ago

Is the guy who submitted the article that butthurt? lol

krouse932904d ago

He must be because the BBC people never actually say anything about issues.

WhittO2903d ago

obviously he had never played on a game console before..

Bigpappy2904d ago

The old guy is having problems with the move on a very simple game. There is no since that he even wants to play anymore.

Patrick2904d ago

The guy was holding the controller down so far that the ball was off screen and out of view of the Quit trying, just cause Kinect sucks doesnt mean Move has to.. in fact , Move actually works.

vhero2903d ago

Guess this was shown on national TV in the UK then ? I must have missed it.. Either way its looking good for Sony.

niceguywii602904d ago ShowReplies(6)
despair2904d ago

there's this ridiculous looking game called Kung-Fu Live where no move controller is used just the camera to put you in a side scrolling fighter...that has full tracking without the move.

TomMcBaum2904d ago

Watch the placement of the "fan" from 00:36 to about 00:42. And it gets progressively worse! That's terrible! No wonder he couldn't save the poor little chickies. If you can see it, give me an "agree." I'm a PS3 owner, and I want Move to succeed, but WTF? Apparently, this is what happens when you get close to the bottom of the screen. "Move," indeed.

Jonoc332904d ago

the move controller was off screen because he was too close to the camera. hence why it wasn't calibrated right.

Patrick2904d ago

The controller has to be seen by the camera and he is holding it off the bottom of the screen and out of view.

ChozenWoan2904d ago

What happened is that the sphere on the PSMove left the camera view. When this happens, the system only has the info from inside the PSMove and thus becomes more like a Motion+ Wiimote. This is one of the reasons why the camera makes all the difference, and why most hardcore gamers hate on the Wii.

Now we just have to wait a few more months and then we can get Moving and Playing Beyond.

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The story is too old to be commented.