260° Impressions: Microsoft E3 2010 Conference Concensus: Disappointing

Microsoft's pre-E3 press conference has come and passed, and with it plenty of details with it on a relatively small amount of Xbox 360 exclusive games, and quite a few Xbox 360 Kinect games. Gaming Union had its collective eyes glued to the conference, and of course, we have our collective opinions, condensed, here for you to check out before our next podcast.

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Sanrin2837d ago

Wholeheartedly agree. Least I know what console to go to if I ever want to dance with a Tiger.

sombrero2837d ago

At least it had bullet time.

I feel bad for the guy that demoed the dancing game.

Rumor2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

when the girl,pretended that "skittle's" licks "tickled" her..... :/

deja vu people?? nintendo 2006 much?

@below yea, that girl's conversation with her magical "twin" sister.....oh yea...not staged at all

Coramoor_2837d ago


you gotta admit though, she was the only one whose enthusiasm seemed real, everything else was so fake and forced

Aquanox2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Well, IGN, a much less fanboyish publication, agree on that the conference was kick ass.

Damage control is at its finest. People all around pretending the awesome wasn't as awesome, that we need to rethink if what we felt in the moment of the conference wasn't as good and it was at that moment.

Sorry guys but this has been one of the best conferences ever made, well balanced for the hardcore and the casuals. Kojima in da house, fantastic Gears 3 footage, Halo Reach looking better than ever, the convincing Fable III and a 100% exclusive game by one of the leaders in visual quality in games, Crytek.

If it wasn't enough, some of those Kinect games looked great even for the hardcores like me. Excellent job MS. The amount of damage control in N4G is proof of that.

Edit: To the smart guy above, most of those are related to YESTERDAY's conference, not today's. And the fact you find them all here is proof of how hard are the boys searching for bad MS news. Aka, Damage control

Grown Folks Talk2837d ago

but the presentation was boring as can be. They only really showed 1 game we didn't know about in the joint project with Crytek.

People can say what they want about Peter Moore & J Allard, but at least they showed some passion. Very dull & lackluster effort. It's like they took all the flack from people about their past shows & decided to do a 180.

Again, I thought some of the stuff was cool, but I can see why people were underwhelmed.

Imperator2837d ago


I can't believe you actually believe what you just typed. Well balanced??? They showed only ONE new game for the core audience and it was just some lame live action teaser that reminded me of God of War.

And all those Kinect games were major disappointments. At least it was hilarious.

lagoonalight2837d ago

People like aquanox have convinced me that 360 users are waaaaay too attached to their system because after that turd of a conference I would be on the first train to sonyville. I hate to say it but the 360 honestly has nothing but the same. Halo has to be the most overrated franchise in the history of gaming. Cartoony sci-fi crap story and nothing that seems to improve but graphics and they are still in subHD. Cool to some but after KZ3 there is no way I'd go back to that banal crap. What else:

Gears, Fable, and Forza, which is basically nil considering GT5 will crush it like a puny grape.

I'm sorry, I'm not really a fanboy, but I was expecting some in house games and something to pull me in to their system. They have nothing but Fable that I am interested in. A PC does everything else better. And if you honestly liked that conference there is something wrong with you. That tiger thing made me change spike tv. Way too creepy.

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Coramoor_2837d ago

very much the case, all in all a massive disappointment, was hoping for something that would say kinect is hardcore, and that never came

jammers2837d ago

Face groping a tiger was funny yet creepy. Overall though, huge disappointment from last year.

TheTwelve2837d ago

They didn't even steal any major exclusives from Sony. I at least expected that.


FarEastOrient2837d ago

Yeah, I thought they would've at least tried to get Final Fantasy XIV and go HAAWWW!

eggbert2837d ago

Their conference WAS boring, but it got the job done. They sparked a renewed interest in the 360, but it's debatable how long this spark will last. the new 360's shot up pretty high on Amazon shortly after the press conference.

There are also a few discussions regarding kinect.

That said, I really do think they could have done a much better job than they did. The entire Kinect part was cheesy, predictable, and downright boring. The only game they showed I'd actually want to play was the MTV dancing game.

Coramoor_2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

I don't know if it did, I'm certainly not running out to buy one, especially given the complete lack of future product outside of natal they displayed that I wasn't already aware of. 1 game that is 2011 and nothing else, no crackdown 2, no big reveals, no xbla content, nothing, but things to try and get the mainstream. Personally I think it was poorly targeted and a big mistake

btw everything shoots up on amazon when it's announced/new

ShapelyChops2837d ago

Snore. Where's Crackdown 2? Last year's conference was awesome, this year, not so much.

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