Rumor: Dead Space 2 Timed Exclusive?

Al Zamora of DualShockers writes, "After doing some serious thinking and sitting through the EA press conference today, the DualShockers team may have stumbled upon something in regards to Dead Space 2, it may be a announced tomorrow as a PS3 timed exclsuive. You may ask how we came up with this idea so here goes the logic train, hop aboard and take a ride.

During the EA press conference the president of Visceral had this to say in reference to the Dead Space 2 hands on demo:"

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ClownBelt2953d ago

I don't know...It's hard to predict what EA's management will do. Nonetheless, as long as I get this title, I don't care whether it goes to the 360 or the Wii.

RatFuker2953d ago

i do not know if it will be a timed exclusive to ps3, or 360. all i know is that the ps3 is getting the better version. with exclusive stuff.

Conloles2953d ago

I doubt Sony would pay money for a timed exclusive so for that reason its just commercially stupid for EA to do that.

WildArmed2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I doubt they'd go exclusive. (even timed)
It's like saying Bioshock 3 will be exclusive.
Doesn't make sense.

Probably get some exclusive DLC though? You never know.. that's the new trend of this gen =/
Or Move support.. esp. games with tank system work really well w/ move (like Resident evil 5)

oh btw i couldn't help but laugh my ass off when i read this:

"After doing some serious thinking.. the DualShockers team may have stumbled upon something.."

lol 'serious thinking'

Dragun6192953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Timed Exclusive for PS3? No

Exclusive DLC for PS3 or Move support? Possibly

It would beat Microsoft's timed Exclusive COD Maps DLCs for three years deal.

morganfell2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

When does the bus leave for Roswell and Area 51. Criminy, could people stop with the idiotic theories already? Dualshockers has done this before so it isn't unexpected but at least try to find something that is within the solid realm of an indicator. Is this their first trip to E3?

I do not believe anyone here supports Sony more than I but at least use something within the realm of reasoning for these outlandish deductions. It amazes me how mystified, then upset and and miffed they become and commence firing the disagree gun when someone calls them on such articles.

If they really understood what it takes to obtain an exclusive perhaps they wouldn't rush to such a ridiculous conclusion.

poopface12953d ago

I like there reasons, "because it shows a ps3 boxart" LOL.

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Focker4202953d ago

PS Move + Dead Space 2 = EPIC!!!!

colonel1792953d ago

I posted a comment about that earlier today. I actually believe this could be the reason they are showing it tomorrow at Sony´s conference.

The game would work great with Move, since we have already seen SOCOM4.

talltony2953d ago

Yea I said the same thing in another post and I would bet money it will work with move. Just think about twisting ur wrist to shoot off different limbs. So cool.

McMee2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Man I dont know about you guys but I thought EA press conference was the bees knees, easily my favorite of the day I mean DS2, Bstorm, Crysis2, SW:TOR, gunclub, NFS:HP, and MOH all looked fanfreakingtastic, on topic I very much doubt it.

ghostface2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Ubisoft said the same thing last E3 with assassin creed.

sombrero2953d ago

Yeah, definitely not happening.

saint_john_paul_ii2953d ago

not happening. that will just be ridiculous.

what might happen tomorrow is Dead Space 2 with Move support.

SOAD2953d ago

That would work well. Also, MGS Rising + MOVE would work well.

maddhatter6172953d ago

move is the thing that has the best chance of happening hopefully it will be more but regardless i'm sure sony is going to have alot.

bruddahmanmatt2953d ago

I have to agree. It makes perfect sense when you consider that the crew over at Visceral games already has hands on experience with motion controls after the work they did with Extraction. Should be interesting indeed.

rob60212953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

EA's supposed to be on board with Move support on tiger woods, they better damn well cause I already bought tiger11 for that reason lol.. We could see them on board with the whole EA Sports lineup, as well as crysis /w 3d&move and Dead Space 2, w/3d&move. Deadspace 2 seems to be an obvious good fit for move.

TheBand1t2953d ago

That...would make me buy a Move.

Fuck SOCOM 4 and all that, I wanna play DS2 with a Move.

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jaredhart2953d ago

using Microsoft tactics.

wages of sin2953d ago

That game rocked!

On topic...
Using MS tactics? Some of you act as if Sony had been sent by Jesus himeself. Talk about a cult.

I love my PS3 but really dude, really?

Snakefist302953d ago

Cause Sony wants to be honest,loyal and reliable to us gamers.Not Like micrshit always gives huge price like kinectic.

flyingmunky2953d ago

You know when I saw the headline I thought, no not again! But then I saw that the article was about Sony not M$. I have both consoles but I very much want to play it on the ps3. Honestly timed releases for multiplat titles is dumb anyway.

XactGamer2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

MS is just doing to Sony what Sony did to Sega, so in a way they are Sony tactics.

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eggbert2953d ago

Besides their evidence is severely lacking.

So the boxart shown was PS3 and they are planning on showing more at Sony's conference? Doesn't mean timed exclusivity, but it does show a stronger relationship between EA and Sony I guess.

saint_john_paul_ii2953d ago

the reason of the boxart is to show that the game leads on PS3, and could be, like you said, an advertising partnership with EA.

RememberThe3572953d ago

Plus, we all know Sony wants to flair some nostrils over at MS.

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