Rumor: Sly Cooper, Patapon 3 & Twisted Metal X Coming To PS3

Don't be surprised if a new Sly Cooper collection, a new Patapon and a not-so-new Twisted Metal game are announced for the PlayStation 3 in the coming weeks. A retail source points to all three titles coming soon.

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Imperator2778d ago

Sony's E3 is going to be the biggest and best ever. My expectation are sky high.

-Alpha2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Mine too!

I am hoping Sony doesn't show any of the crappy Move demo titles like Move Party like MS did though. We get it, it's precise, show us the good games! Perhaps that was why they advertised MOVE on the internet throughout the year, so hopefully we don't see them again at E3.

Also, we have TM1 on PSN don't we? Does this mean we are getting an HD remake? Why not just remake Black if no TM is coming at all?

I'd go crazy if ND announced UC3 or Jak 4. There are too many great franchises on the PS2 that need to be brought back.

I really hope that Sony can show some RPGs. Versus hopefully, I'd really love to see Versus. But I'd like to see the glorious RPGs of yesterday. Sony has good shooters and online games, but I want some RPGs now. I'm so sick of seeing shooters today. Killzone 3 I'm excited for, and I'm especially excited to LBP2 and iNFamous 2. IMO those will be refreshing titles to see.

Sigh2778d ago

agree with Alpha. I'm all for seeing new stuff for Move, but hopefully it won't take most of the 2-hour time Sony has to demonstrate and show to us all what they have.

user8586212778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I dont mind if they showed off move games, but they have to be catered to hardcore, like a demo of something like no more heroes would be awesome!

also what I wants from sony are announcements of new I.Ps and stage demos of games that were just announced killzone3, lbp2 infamous2, last guardian

Also stop with the gt5 videos, either release or announce a date and stop showing us how damn good it looks!

stb2778d ago

You long statement in one sentence...

Sony has everything.

Pistolero2778d ago

sorry...those games are boring to me. two kiddie games and then a washed up car combat game....well, Twisted Metal could be really cool if they go the right direction with we'll see about that one...but the others don't interest me.

Myze2778d ago

I know I'm just responding to a troll attempt, but exactly how are Sly Cooper and, more so, Patapon kiddie games? I'm willing to bet quite a bit you've never played Patapon, and even guessing you've never played any of the Sly Cooper games.

Guns and blood being the only "genre" you aren't bored with is what I would consider kiddie, not the other way around.

Imperator2778d ago

Obviously not. Just like many 360 fans, this is probably his first generation of gaming.

TheHater2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )
I didn't believe it until I just read this article

spunnups2778d ago

looks real to me. Twisted Metal and Sly coming to PS3? Yes Please!

FiftyFourPointTwo2778d ago

Maybe you meant Sony to dominate E3.

RatFuker2778d ago

sony are amazing, they won e3 now this? heck yea!

TheDeadMetalhead2778d ago

Sly 4 - Awesome. I played the first two on PS2 and they were really fun.
Patapon 3 - Never heard of it. Is it any good?
Twisted Metal X - Um... *points to avatar*

NateNater2778d ago

Patapon is amazing! Its an addicting rhythm game on PSP. If you have a PSP, go get the first and second ones now!

TheDeadMetalhead2778d ago

Oh, that explains why I've never heard of it. I don't have a PSP. :(

Might consider getting one though.

Shang-Long2778d ago

it says in the next coming weeks. does that mean not tomorrow. i really want a twisted metal. and to try sly cooper

Imperator2778d ago

I would understand if Sony saved some games for later. It's obvious they have a LOT to show.

zeeshan2778d ago

I think it will be all about MOVE + 1 or 2 new things to announce. Why? I guess Sony wanted to keep E3 all about MOVE and that's why they announced all these fabulous titles before E3. This way, they gained E3 momentum even before E3 and will continue to carry it when E3 is done. Smart move by Sony one that will prove even more smarter since Kinect has failed on so many levels.

ReservoirDog3162778d ago

I really really hope so! I mean look at my avatar!

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Nike2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I've become wary of rumours of "X game coming at Y conference!" since MS botched both it's conferences, but just one thing, Sony and Sucker Punch. Just one thing you HAVE to do this gen, and that's bring back Sly Cooper.

Seriously, what other game has lines like, "I shall now bend these bars like I bend the truth!"? Pure genius writing and platforming.

@despair: But of course! The villains and overall plot were both slickly executed - I've yet to find a more hip cadre of villains in a platformer since then.

Any Murray fans in here?

despair2778d ago

and storytelling...don't forget that

-EvoAnubis-2778d ago

Patapon 3 and the Sly collection I expected, but a new Twisted Metal is a bit surprising! True, false; either way, we'll find out tomorrow around noon.

FiftyFourPointTwo2778d ago

To me it was Patapon 3 and Twisted Metal expected, and Sly collection unexpected. I was expecting Ico + SotC remastered instead of Sly.

jaredhart2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I've been looking to play new versions of these games for a long time.

Pedobear Rocks2778d ago

great set of games and accesible to young and older alike.

Where did my Bubble go :(

Nike2778d ago

Looks like the Lolis are taking revenge. :P

Pedobear Rocks2778d ago

you mean xbox fans...yeah...I own the damned machine but somehow I'm not allowed to critique that fact that Milo was a no show...I got voted down for trolling.

Ah well...In my heart I know I am a 4 bubbler!

Focker4202778d ago

I used to be a 4 bubblier also lol. I've never taken anyones bubbles, I guess the 360 trolls are really pissed off.

stonecold12778d ago

took my bubble away becauser i said nothing negative towards the 360 and now im down to 2

2778d ago
Obama2778d ago

Sadly ever since MS butchered their conference their followers are on a rampage taking bubbles from us ps3 gamers.

SOAD2778d ago

The Ps3 fanboys have been on a rampage too. I've caught 4 or 5 PS3 fanboys who joined in the last few hours, and are talking major shit.

SOAD2778d ago

DeadMetalHead, the room is filled with PS3 fanboys who don't care because they're the ones who are pulling this shit.

It's not nice, either, because regardless of what platform you prefer, fanboys are fucking pieces of shit. They are more annoying to me than you can possibly fathom.

TheDeadMetalhead2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

"Where did my Bubble go"

Because on N4G at E3 time, it's war. Better arm yourself.

huzzaahh2778d ago

You're awesome. Bubbles up!

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