If I Own A PS3 And Can’t Buy DLC, Why Should I Buy Call Of Duty? I'll Boycott

Note, I have respect for, and appreciate Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. That’s why I enjoy all three consoles. But what I’m about to talk about must strike a cord with those who feel it. You know the proverb: ‘who feels it knows it’, or he who’s in the kitchen is the one who feels the heat. And tonight, as a PS3 owner, I’m in the kitchen, feeling not the heat, but instead a sense of abandonment.

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-Alpha2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Well I don't mind waiting for it.

I don't know anyone who would either buy a whole new console or switch versions for timed-DLC.

PS3 gamers will keep buying CoD for the PS3 and breaking records on PSN because COD is an established franchise on both consoles and has tons of fans.

Nike2925d ago

"I don't know anyone who would either buy a whole new console or switch versions for timed-DLC."

Or not buy it at all because of timed DLC, but idiots like GamesThirst still exist.

Conloles2925d ago

Why buy Call of Duty anyway man that was such a lame MS conference who cares about exclusive DLC

Rumor2925d ago

kz3 and medal of honor....nuff said

black ops= same shit different year

HolyOrangeCows2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Pfft, I don't pay for DLC regardless. It's a waste. I don't get bored of MP maps THAT fast and slightly modified SP levels don't deserve very much.

And if COD:BO makes the same mistakes as COD:MW2, I won't buy it either.

FrankenLife2925d ago

I don't really want to buy CoD:BO because there are other games that look like more fun. MoH actually looks really good. That surprised me. What surprised me more is how much fun Crysis 2 looked. Future Solider also looks great, even though that is coming out next year. This change before the games come out, but from where I'm sitting CoD doesn't really interest me.

I only have so much free time, and I like playing other genres as well. Shooting dudes in the face is not the only thing to do in games.

Aikuchi2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Did anyone else notice during the COD:BO demo that the game slowed down and studder and lagg alot?

FarEastOrient2924d ago

How much do you think Microsoft paid for this deal?

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despair2925d ago

timed DLC is just dumb and the only thing it accomplishes is to show that one company is willing to spend a stupid amount of money for no good reason.

hardcore19122925d ago

Um, what's wrong with the headline? And how do you mean folks won't boycott Call of Duty? Just because you're having a hard time doesn't mean others will.

And stop freaking bashing Games Thirst every chance you get. I've been watching you......

Even stalking this guy called movements like you have nothing else to do with your life but run around N4G.

Other sites have way more "fanboyish" titles from this headline. I actually find it sensible and a good point of discussion.

Goodness. Get a life.

2925d ago
hardcore19122925d ago

From what I read, you seems more like the "Idiot" Nike. The author never said he would not purchase DLC, just the fact that it goes a certain crowd first, for God knows how longs seems wrong to him.

And to me too.

Nike2925d ago

Uh, I never said he wouldn't purchase the DLC. I'm going off on his stupid headline that says, "If I Own A PS3 And Can’t Buy DLC, Why Should I Buy Call Of Duty? I'll Boycott".

Which basically translates to, "I'm not buying Call of Duty on the PS3 because 360 is getting the DLC first". And is essentially just another fanboyish statement from GamesThirst. Seriously, who will boycott Call of Duty for 3 years straight? I had a hard time finding people who would do it for a few months straight (prior to the release of Modern Warfare 2).

RememberThe3572925d ago

But I'm getting Metal of Honor so I don't have to worry about that :)

Elwenil2925d ago

I won't boycott the next CoD because of timed DLC, but I will be boycotting Activision so I won't be buying the game no matter what system it's on or when it gets the overpriced DLC. Vote with your money folks or you are just another sheep being led to the slaughter.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2924d ago

agreed. This timed exclusive shit needs to stop. The worst part of their bogus dlc this go around was that two of the five maps you are being charged 15 dollars for had already been created. It didnt add new trophies/missions/co-op. 5 bucks a map for new stuff, what a deal. 30 dollars for 6 new maps and 4 recycled maps that should have been dished out for free as an apology for releasing such a buggy laggy ass game.

thanks but no thanks....My gamefly membership thanks your greedy ass who now only gets the money that they spend on the game and not me getting pressured into it from friends who turn a blind eye to all your bs tactics.

DarkTower8052925d ago

The writer acts as if this is new, lol. Same shit's been happening since COD4, so why complain now? Hungry for hits maybe?


The DLC is timed exclusive.

pinkyxyz2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

that they have money to burn on timed exclusives on the greatest selling game this gen but can't find the time to make a New first party IP. On second thought I think Im just raging at the fact that that announcement was probably the greatest highlight of the show. WTF Microsoft? WTF?


Mabey cause it was live, so lag had something to do with it?

In the game it doesnt lag and its 60fps so it didnt stutter or anything just lag from the live feed.

RedDevils2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Activision is milking the cow dry, haha another call duty and that not even a year yet, f u c k i n g crazy man. Well if you want to waste money feel free

DeadlyFire2924d ago

Just extra crap to pay for. I just wait until next game.

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jizzyjones2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

lol I 100% agree, good article
(Think i'm going to boycott it aswell)

itisa2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

The DLC exclusives is a timed exclusives,meaning if you wait,you'll get it.

saint_john_paul_ii2925d ago

i think you dont understand the COD deal dont you. here let me tell you what the deal is:

Microsoft and Activision made a 3 year deal were microsoft gets timed exclusivity on Call of Duty DLC. that means, that microsoft gets Call of duty DLC first and gets exclusivity for it for about 1 month or 2, like MW2 DLC.

so you can still buy COD on PS3, just keep in mind you going to have to wait for COD DLC a little longer, like a month after microsoft gets it.

movements2925d ago

And Pope that should not be the case. I mean think of it. You've already purchased the game. They are basically saying here, buy my game but I'll give all the upcoming goodies to another crowd first.

I think a gamer can pursue a suit.

SOAD2925d ago

Multi-console owners will buy the 360 version during that one month-exclusivity, if they are major fans of COD they won't wait. Microsoft will get more royalties from that. That's why they made the deal.

Baka-akaB2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

what goodies ? Those are not freebies , but additional paid content .

Anyway personally people can fight all they want over who gets overpriced map packs first ...

Then again i'm not even interested in the cod games anymore ...

Nike2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

The author's incentive for buying a game is based on DLC and map packs, and he won't buy a game simply because he's not getting the same?

Also, does he know the map packs/DLC are *timed* exclusives for the 360? This means they release on the 360 first but really, a one month gap means nothing.

Finally, PS3 owners are getting both games - I don't see the point in stirring up a flame war just because 360 gets (snicker) DLC first. No, you should only avoid Black Ops if you're tired of Call of Duty. It's definitely more realistic than MW2 but I haven't seen much yet that indicates it's totally fresh and unique. The Hind gameplay looked nice, but as MW2 will tell us, such vehicle sections would be few and far between.

Then again, it IS GamesThirst (sorry, movements. Just couldn't resist).

Edit: Jesus, that's 3 headlines in less than 15 minutes. First he's getting Killzone 3 instead. Then he's asking why he should buy it. And now he says he'll boycott (as if that ever worked before).

RememberThe3572925d ago

If I buy the PS3 version at the same time as the guy who buys the 360 version But I have to wait an extra month for more content I'd be kind of pissed. Especially if I'm a huge fan of the game I'm playing. The arrangement sucks for PS3 and PC owners.

BakedGoods2925d ago

Yeah it's a greasy move. The reality is, Microsoft needs to pull this kind of thing to keep their gamer base. Without incentives like these I'd expect many hardcore-CoDer's would eventually switch to the PS3.

At the end of the day, gamers own a PS3 for *PS3 games*. Just because I have to wait a month for DLC doesn't mean I'm tossing my PS3 with the likes of Killzone 3, MoH, Dead Space 2 and other PS3-lead titles.

There's just too much gaming to be missed by stickin' with the 360 due to timed-DLC.


Greasy....I think you meant Greedy.